XWiki - A powerful Open Source collaborative platform

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A powerful Open Source collaborative platform



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Heya everyone,

XWiki is a light and powerful development platform that allows you to customize the wiki to your specific needs. Using structured data and in-page-scripting you can create macros and applications that allow you to extend the capabilities of your wiki.source

XWiki is a powerful open source collaborative platform for all sizes of companies. It allows saving time and money. XWiki will redefine the value of business knowledge. It will allow any user to access critical information in a fast and efficient way. Now you can easily access essential information by using XWiki.
It has Built-in editor and it supports multiple languages.




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This platform can gathering all infos about your businesses that it can access to every part of business reach them out.

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The XWiki platform and software reduce the cost and also the duration for your pages. Apache Solr gives provision for quick searching of the useful material on this platform. It means this program much speedy for valuable resources and materials.

Great working @xawi.

Open source stuff at web is a blessing for common users who can't afford the costly things. This particular hunt is for the developers and we all non-coders can't understand the technical language. But with title we can understand the basic theme:

XWiki - A powerful Open Source collaborative platform.

Very nice search. Thanks

Yes, in the present time the technology of open source getting more popularity that is why I like this technology. Today you present another effective collaborative platform of XWiki which is also open source system platform. Its really great platform for reducing the time consumption with saving money. Also notice that the opportunity to used multiple language option. Like this hunt.

The platform looks cool as its great one for collaboration, moreover the main importance it has due to its unique qualities like it saves time and money. Thank you for putting this to steemhunt.

Thanks you so much for this wonderful hunt @xawi, this software allow savings time and money, it also allows users to to access adequate information in a fast and easy ways, it provide build in editors and it support mutiple language. Once again thank you for this hunt.

Having critical info on different businesses and allowing editing and some other features makes it an interesting platform. Definitely going to check this one in detail.

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The executable is a free wiki software platform written in JavaScript that emphasizes a design on extensibility. XWiki is an enterprise wiki. It includes WYSIWYG edits, imported / exported document based on document, word-for-notes and tagging, and advanced permissions management.

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