FreeMind - A premier mind-mapping software written in Java

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A premier mind-mapping software written in Java



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Heya everyone,

A mind mapper, and at the same time an easy-to-operate hierarchical editor with strong emphasis on folding. These two are not really two different things, just two different descriptions of a single application. Often used for knowledge and content managementsource

FreeMind is a high productivity mind mapping tool. The operation and navigation of this mind mapping tool are faster than MindManager. It provides you all follow the link, folds or unfold on just one click. FreeMind provides you with a great super-flexible and detailed note-taking sheet. Now you can easily handle and manage the flow of your unconnected ideas and arrange them easily.


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I first read a book about mind map about 10 years ago. Mind map helped me organize my thoughts. At that time, I used to draw a mind map using a pen on A4 paper. These days, there are many mind map programs that can run on PCs or smartphones, and we just have to choose which ones to use. I think it would be good to choose FreeMind. Thank you for hunting the mind map program that looks fine.

What is mind mapping in the first place? How is it done and what does it do? I guess those are the first few things that we need to understand before we can either appreciate or not the mindmapping apps like this.



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Something like this is great for someone like me because of the way I reason. If I'm meditating on something, I write those ideas as they come so I don't forget and can use them for my final resume.

Nice hunt!

@xawi Hello dear friend, the tool that you present is great, without doubts it is a product that can not be missing in our platform.
To be honest, I did not know that something like it existed, all my life I organized my ideas in notes, I never thought that something could be done like that. These are the things that I love Steemhunt and the hunters, who present great things. congratulations dear friend. Thank you very much for teaching us the existence of "FreeMind" and its benefits. I give you a happy hunt

Nice cool hunt post.This is a very good software.Freemind softwore And its benefits are too high and this mind mapping good tool and faster hunt post.

It's great to see a help that has come to help us in managing contents and also putting our ideas together. This will be a great help to many out there


Hi dear , Its very good stuff & steem hunt. I like the idea behind this app is great, I have never know it yet, but the concept is cool. Its really wonderful and keep it nice sharing always. You did awesome work.

incredible thing in this app is that "The operation and navigation of this mind mapping tool are faster than MindManager." I really like it

Mind mapping is a great technique to organize your ideas. Whether you are a student or a software developer, mind mapping helps you to understand better and keep on track. FreeMind is a great software to do mind mapping so you never loose track of information. Great hunt bro!


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