Disa - Your new messaging hub Unite them all

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Your new messaging hub Unite them all



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Disa is a unified messaging app that integrates multiple messaging services (Telegram, Facebook, SMS/MMS, etc.) into one hub.source

Disa will organise all the chats, your files, images and group conversations in one place. If you're having a conversation with the same friend on different services then you can easily merge all the conversations into one unified conversation with the help of Disa. you can customise all the chats with different colours then you can easily recognise chats through customisable colours. Disa provides you auto-switch service too. You can backup your conversations your media gallery to your device or to your google drive.:)

Disa Introduction




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oops it happened because of link damn it's ok no issue

I love the fact that it is colourful. I also like it for the arrangement. My social media apps all in a folder and my messages backed up all in my Google drive to free up memory on my phone and make me enjoy my phone with ease. Good hunt

This is really amazing with disa, I can put all my chats, file in social media in one place and it can also serve to backup every message if I upgrade my app!!. So with disa everything seen to be fast and easy to use my social app. Thanks to @xawi for this wonderful information, looking forward for your next hunt