VAND - The World's First Custom Shower Purifier

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The World's First Custom Shower Purifier



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Hunter's comment

Taking bath in hard water can damage your hair and cause skin allergies.
Vand purifies the shower water to protect the skin, hair and health from hard water.

  • Easy to install
  • High flow rate
  • Installation at the source
  • Easy filter installation



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Nice pick we have many hard water solutions but this one seems pretty different innovative. Moreover, installation is pretty easy though. And yes hard water can cause skin and hair damage we all must do consider this


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There's plenty shower solutions for hard water. This one is uniquely designed.

It is really useful to use when we are in vacation and using other shower is sometimes the wster aren't that clean so having purifier to put in shower will make our life comfortable :)

This is actually unique and disruptively innovative. Totally out of the box but I don't know how many people really care about hardness of their shower water. Cool hunt though

Wow. Shower purifier. Awesome and innovative products which will ensure to give healthy water. Impressive find.

Awesome ONe!
I stay away from my home in a hostel and now I am facing Hair fall problem may be because of bad water quality. It gonna be helpful and it should be implemented in hostels and hotels both places. So, that we can prevent ourselves from any kind of damage.
Thank You and Have a GooD DaY!

You are right most peoples take toxic or contaminated showers every day without knowing. Our skin is the biggest organ that we have. It absorbs almost anything it comes in contact with therefore i think it is in the best interest of our health to invest in this shower purifier to protect our-self and feel healthier. Our skin, hair, and well being will definitely thank us later. Awesome Search

I appreciate your efforts to introduce Custom Shower Purifier. This is good for those areas contains hard water. Also be useful for hotel where tourists are looking for facilitated hotels. This product can facilitate tourist to take bath without fear.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. Yeah you are absolutely right dirty water damage your hair badly. This purification system helps us to clean your water and save your hairs. Its design is also vey amazing. Technology helps you to spend your life easy and save. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

@xabi, what a great hunt. Never knew you could get these gadgets for the shower purifier. It sure would make showering much more pleasant knowing that these are good water that is washing your hair and skin. This is healthy showering. Great hunt.

Firstly hard water can be a problem especially for skin as it can cause it to go all flaky and the same can be said for ones hair and so the VAND is a custom shower water purifier to deal with the problem, not only to I love the benefits but it's design is nicely small which is feel is important.

There are many shower purifers in the market but its design is unique and small in size. This is definitely a cool product to buy for. Nice find.

This is super amazing

Now I can take my shower with my hair and not get scared

Honestly this Vand will help to purify water before been used to birth. Unsafe water will be very dangerous to the skin and air indeed. Thanks for sharing @xabi.

Sounds great! I think in some countries it will be very in demand. And if I have such I'll take it with me in traveling if I know that there will be problems with water🤔

Hope this water purifier is well modified .really this are very useful for lead to our comfortable life. People choice this very easily and positively. Thanks for share.

I wonder shower always have small holes why do we need filter ? :p yeah i think sometimes we get bad water but still do we really need filter for it ? :) just asking :)

This redefines your shower experience totally. Water purification over here is a very not so easy process. This shower will simplify and allow one do it just like a normal process


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