Clip - Convert any bike into an e-bike

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Convert any bike into an e-bike


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Hunter's comment

By easily attaching it to your bike, any bike, CLIP will provide that extra push when you face an uphill climb or that last stretch of a long commute.

Clip is a small portable motor that can be attached to any bike to convert into e-bike. It serve as a backup in case of emergencies like getting late from work or feeling exhausted.

  • Light weight and small to fit in your backpack.
  • Easy to install.





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I used to ride my bike to far away from home for exercise. I was full of energy when I started, but when I came back home it was so hard that I would get off my bike and rest in the middle. And I was so tired when I rode my bike up the hill. At that time, I thought I wanted my bike to be an electric bicycle. Clip is a device that can be mounted on the wheels of a bicycle so that you can ride it without difficulty. I like this device.

I'm not at all a fan of hill climbing with bikes which means I'm not the Jumanji kind of guy but for those who love uphill riding? You comforter just came!

Thanks for the great hunt!

Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-

Yeah! It gonna be really an amazing idea to convert existing bike into e-bike which is also friendly for our pocket. I love e-bike as they run on zero emission and eco-friendly and strongly recommend for Short Distance.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

convert any bike into e-bike seems a pretty cool invention. ah this is not for girls :( but off cos boys can convert their simple bikes into e-bikes so it is pretty useful for them

This is a really cool hunt!
Now anyone can turn his bike into an electric bike with this tool very simply and easily. Good Find

Nice idea that turn any normal bike into electric, just putting this clip.
This will extra push on up-hills.

This is what real invention looks like. With this, climbing uphill would be a piece of cake. This will also give people the feeling that even if they are almost late, with CLIP on their bike, they can get the speed they need to reach their destination on time.

For those who dreamt of having their e-bike, this can be the dream they have been waiting for. I love the fact that it is easy to install and very light weight. Nice hunt!

The product concept is nice, but US$ 599 for the
EARLY-BIRD LIMITED EDITION CLIP itself sounds more. And if you see, there is only backer for this, and even only one for the SUPER BACKER PLEDGE :) So apparently people funded it though they did not wish to have one !!!

Lol. I like how you say you can attach the electric motor if you are late for work. I like how technology has changed so much. Back in the 1950's you could have a small petrol engine attached to your bicycle and now it is an electric motor. I can see the benefits of this as my route used to have lots of hills and would loved to have a small motor to help me out. Great find.

Yes, this is really amazing. Instead of spending more money to buy a new biike, its really innovative to convert my old bike to electric. Saves money and its really efficient.

This is amazing, never thought of a portable motor to attach to a bike. So many possibilities, quite a great and innovative find here. And for sure the life will be better on a bike with a clip on it!

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Amazing way to convert your conventional bike into e-bike. Simple and easy installation. Lighter in weight. My only concern is about the price of the gadget. Let's hope it will reduce after other companies will make such amazing gadgets. Nice hunt

That's a cool idea.

I remember my grandpa had an old bike with the same device at the back wheel and when he was pedaling the front light was on.

Now that tech evolves we see a lot of beautiful new features!

I saw a great technology and I feel like I was lost in the world of fantasy. I did not think of any such technology to be seen. This is a very good technology for me and seeing this, my younger brother will be very happy. Thank you so much for sharing it among us

Thanks for the Hunt.. I don't think they get funding because $599 is way, way to high of a price to buy one. Maybe $99

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What a great compromise from a 'full e-bike' - best of both worlds.

Great hunt!


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Great invention. Eagerly awaiting to see this in market.

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