Byron Bay Train - World First Solar Train

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Byron Bay Train

World First Solar Train



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The train operates on energy from the sun. Solar panels on the train and train storage shed generate the equivalent amount of energy required to operate the train daily, charging the on-board battery bank. This is a world-first truly solar train.

This train has sitting capacity for 92 passengers. Additional room for standing and luggage.


  1. Curved solar Panels on roof generating 6.5KW
  2. Large array of solar PV panels on the train storage shed roof generating 30kW for charging batteries
  3. Regenerative braking system to use traction during brakes for charging batteries.



Hunter: @xabi

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Amazing work Australia!

Great hunt @xabi! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Hi @xabi, Congratulations you made yourself to the top 20, Im happy that I boosted this hunt all the way up, Congrats with the Approved hunt and the curations. Good job and have a nice day!

I would love to take a ride on this train, I think it would be almost the same as others, but I could not bear the thrill of being driven by solar energy, it is a great initiative that must spread around the world, hopefully to see.

Now solar power can even move the train!
I think charging the on-board battery bank is very well developed function for the train.
Thanks for your cool hunt :D

This is amazing. It gives me great pleasure to see the world moving over to green energy sources. This is incredibly cool and I wish my country could do something similar. The earth is really polluted and green eco-friendly energy sources is the only safe way forward. Great hunt.

I love everything solar. It is a growing trend and implementation rates are increasing. We need to do this to save the planet. There is no reason not to have most everything renewable energy.

Great hunt.

SOLAR TRAIN !?!? SAY WHAAAAT!? Now this is innovation !! And very futuristic , something that is needed for todays planet and the future generations ! I see this spreading further to all forms of transportation ! Cool hunt @xabi , thanks for sharing!🙋💕✌👍❤

It's possible that you leave the most entertaining comments of all Steemians...

Awe! That's so kind of you Thanks ,I've been having a bad day and you made my day!! following !👍😊😉❤️

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Hahaha. I love it.

Thanks 😊 I

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Wow,,, a solar powered train, this is the height of it all, grand tech, the More we start to generate our power from natural sources the better for our ecosystem.

Nice, I live about 2 hours from Byron Bay, and if any area is going to come up with an eco-friendly solar powered train its Byron. This setup should be used as an example for many other areas to adopt. The way of the future. They should put some of those little leaf spinning turbine thins I saw in another hunt on top and generate wind power also.

Awesome Hunt.

I love the train ride, but I hate the poisonous smoke they make. In order to prevent this, we have produced the train that works with solar energy. Simply great. Awesome sharing.

The development of technology makes me very happy because the harm to nature is decreasing. Especially when the harmful fumes from vehicles are slowly disappearing. That's why we increase our products like this train. Perfect hunt.

Solar energy is a everlasting source of energy and now these energy is used in train .first time is saw solar train roof .No need of fuel and train will use the solar energy instead of fuel .

Stylish, elegant and beautifully designed train. Byron Bay Train works with solar energy. Thanks to the panels on it, it meets the need for elektirik. They also have a backup storage center. Nice share.

Dependence on gasoline and oil is becoming increasingly progressive thanks to these inventions, and good developments are taking place for the future of the world. Great idea of a solar-powered train

I like all solar powered products becaue they are eco friendly and also low costed for long haul term. Great hunt.

It would make sense to cover the side of the railways with solar panels too.

I'v never seen solar panels on a train before so that's a nice surprise. It's actually surprising they haven't thought of this sooner.

And as a bunus the train uses a regenerative braking system as well.


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Welcome inspiration l in a time when US adminsitration appears to pivot from denying climate change to saying: Nothing can be done about it, so why try!

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