THE INPATIENT - Let's Experience the Psychological Horror Impact

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Let's Experience the Psychological Horror Impact



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The Inpatient is psychic horror game there you play a role of mental patient. You find yourself in the Blackwood Sanatorium. The game is based on how to you recover your memory and why are you there. The end of the game depends on, how to you take decisions in entire game. Your every choice is affect on branching narrative and different endings.
Game Details:
•Developer: Supermassive Game
•Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
•Director: Nik Bowen
•Producer: Andy Nuttall
•Designer(s): Steve Goss/Wayne Garland
•Programmer(s): Prasanna Jeganathan/David Harvey
•Artist: Ian Palmer
•Writer(s): Larry Fessenden/Graham Reznick
•Engine: Unreal Engine 4
•Platform: Play Station 4
•Released: 23rd January 2018 NA/24th January 2018 EU
•Genre: Survival horror
•Mode: Single-player



Hunter: @wowsima

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