Just Dance 2019 - Just Dance 2019 The game Is Full Of Fun Unlimited

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Just Dance 2019

Just Dance 2019 The game Is Full Of Fun Unlimited


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Hunter's comment

Just Dance 2019 is the ultimate party game for all ages. This game is the 10th game of the series of Just Dance. The game is on 11th June 2018 at the event of E3 2018. The game will be released on 23rd October 2018 in the North America region and 25th of October 2018 in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Game Details:
•Game : Just Dance 2019
•Genre : Dance, Rhythm
•Developer: Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft Pune/Ubisoft Shangahi
•Publisher: Ubisoft
•Preceded by : Just Dance 2018
•Systems(s) : Wii/Wii U/Switch/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One
•Released : NA 23rd October 2018/ EU 25th October 2018

  1. Just Dance 2019 is the game which give you enjoy and fun for all age group.
  2. More than 400 songs collections from Just Dance Unlimited for dance on demand. The game’s all copy are access for one month on Xbox One, Wii U, Switch and Ps4.
  3. In this game various creative experts join together and make the awesome. Some more partnership will be announced later.
  4. The kids Mode is back in the series. So the young players not need to compromise for their choice. The game has 8 new choreography and additional songs for them.
  5. 40 new songs are available for old generation consoles holders like Wii and Xbox 360.
  6. This game will improve your dancing habits. You can choose your favorite songs and make play lists which are match your mood.
  7. The game has also a great feature that is you can make your own play list from catalogue.

Cons: The game Just Dance 2019 is the first game of the series which not launch on PS 3.
According to me the game is for dance and fun loving people who really want to enjoy in the party.




Hunter: @wowsima


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So far the refreshment of the game seems to continue their sales for their next game.


  • Allows Smartphone to Track your moves. Before you need to have a PS Move or Kinect in order to play this game which is additional cost for gamers
  • New songs compared to before, there is no point on buying this if they don't have the new songs from this year
  • Old Songs - They have also added old songs from the 90s and 80s even that is a good addition to the game


  • Still the same graphics interface
  • No confirmed Cross-Platform PVP modes.

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very energetic game, I want to play it ..........

yes it is, not only energetic but also a funny and enjoyable game.....