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Open Source Project Management Tool



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Campr is an open source project management tool for projects of any size. With a total of 16 activatable modules you can adapt the tool to your projects. The tool is lean, intuitively designed and offers everything from project initiation trough close out and allows you collaborate successfully with other project members following industry standards.


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Great hunt dear friend
This is a useful tool through which teams can manage their projects.
Thanks for sharing with us.

I like the project tool that is open source and can help to keep track of progress

Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this but this is very well too. Great Hunt!

Campr looks a helpful project management tool to do different projects, thanks for sharing.

Would be great to use it for project management to give you more time for your work and reduce the time wasting nice find

I didn't understand it all use. I need to study its website. I will study this because it looks promising.

Successful project management is all about nailing down the details, so having a tool that helps you track issues and close them down can contribute to delivering a successful project.

hello my dear handsome friend. this open source program so i can contribute it as a developer

This is look like decent project management tool. thanks for sharing it guy. have a wonderful day ahead


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