USEE - The first head-up display for bicycle helmets

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The first head-up display for bicycle helmets



Hunter's comment

Hey hunters! My today's hunt is for the bikers. It is a head-up display for the bicycle helmets. It only weighs 20gms and can be easily adjusted on your helmets.

USEE allows you to monitor your performance, navigation, and other important information without distraction.

The case is fully waterproof and has an accumulation time of nearly 400 hours. It will really make some difference to your cycling experience.



Hunter: @wiseeyes

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  • Headup display
  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • accumulation 400 hours


  • not any

Hi @wiseeyes,

Thanks for yet another hunt. Before I can approve it I must request that you use the manufacturer’s link as product link. As per Steemhunt posting guidelines (section 3) e-commerce platforms are not valid product links (unless they are operated by the manufacturer themselves and thus constitute the actual product page).


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Hi @fknmayhem, Link Updated. Thanks


Thanks, approved.

Great hunt! I really had to go through the actual website to understand what the product does. Couple of pointers- use better pictures (plenty on the site). I didn't know what hud was, had to read up on it.

After understanding how useful this is, i hope it moves up in rankings. Good one.

This must be intended for professional bikers. It has several features that can help to them with their sport. Thanks for sharing

It looks like a regular lamp for safety in dark but its different than that. Thanks to its weight it can be easily carried on your helmet. Features are really good. Nice hunt

Fore sure usee will be very useful for the riders. The most important feature is that, it is water proof so it can be used at rainy days.

With this hunt I remembered the period that I ride bike regularly with a professional bike. This can help to improve your self and it looks also really cool. I will show it to my friends. Thanks


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