Tittle X - The World's First Ultra Compact Golf Simulator

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Tittle X

The World's First Ultra Compact Golf Simulator



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Hunter's comment

The advent of VR has made much ease for all of us. We can perform many tasks virtually and enjoy our favorite games as well. Tittle X is a golf simulator and its specialty is, it is ultra compact, lightweight and not much costly.

Think of going out for yoir golf game in the peak of winter? Looks horrible! The solution is Tittle X. You can play it anywhere and anytime.

It weighs only 7.9 grams.

All you have to do is mount a Tittle X device on your golf club or the included shortened Swing Stick and connect to a vivid 3D simulator like TruGolf E6 Cloud.

It is much easy to install and use via Bluetooth connection.




Hunter: @wiseeyes


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I never knew there was gonna be anything like this 😄. Imagine playing your golf game anytime and anywhere? That's why I should go for this 👍.
Great hunt .

Why it's a pro hunt: anyway you can play golf at home in a small room, just tv!