SOL Laptop - The world's first fully solar-powered laptop

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SOL Laptop

The world's first fully solar-powered laptop



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SOL is a solar-powered laptop which only runs on sun power. It doesn't need any electricity. It charges from sun rays and stores the battery. It is a best gadget for the field workers who can't take the electric power with them. They can use sol to accomplish their testings and other stuff.

You can use this as an emergency computer when you are on a trip and unable to charge your laptop because you are in the area with no electricity.

It has a large solar cell's panel behind its display which can be unfolded. It is connected through a cable. The default OS is Ubuntu.

Developed by WeWi, SOL is the world's first laptop that runs entirely by the power of the sun. It is rugged, affordable and entirely self-sustained – you never need to plug it in.
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This product can help the developing countries who are dealing with severe power crises.



Hunter: @wiseeyes

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I have never heard of anything like this before; it sounds like the perfect option not just for the people that are traveling a lot but, probably even for those that are trying to stay self-sustainable in the wilderness. It's just a perfect solution.

Keep on hunting.

Cool hunt mate @wiseyes.
I don't know about you guys, But I use the laptop a lot and due to this, I have replaced 4 or 5th batteries for my laptop and also 2 to 3 chargers, But now i think I may have found the solution and the solution is to buy this laptop, which can be charged by solar power.

Wow! I have never seen be anything like this before, all the features that you mentioned sound very cool for a laptop. Anyway this is awesome.

Thanks for always your sharing the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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These innovations of devices or elements that use solar energy are of great help, in the case of this portable computer, it allows you to carry out your activities without worrying about the search for electrical energy, besides that it is very comfortable and practical to carry out the sea. Congratulations



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Incredible as far as science and technology can go, this laptop is amazing because it incorporates the solar charge as a main resource, not as an accessory and that is very innovative. What worries me is how much useful life this laptop can have, but beyond that it's a great idea.

I also liked the robust design and similar to a high-performance gaming laptop.

Great hunt.

Awesome! Every laptop should have an extra solar powered power source! Would make the world more environment friendly and people could charge their laptop on the go! Does it really charge, while using? I mean does it get enough solar energy?

Keep on hunting and enjoy the day @wiseeyes

Amazing... !

I love this laptop, ideal for use in my country that often lack the much needed electricity for continuous hours. In addition, beautiful and a friendly concept to the environment.

Now Congratulations, continue contributing your best searches to: @Steemhunt...!

For the first time I see a solar powered laptop computer. The property of being charged with the sun is great too. Because I can easily take nature camps with me. A robust and economical computer. Great hunt.


Solar Charge.
Beneficial for field workers.
SAfe to use.



Now this is what I would love to buy. For people who are always on the go, especially working away from the city and has problems accessing electricity power supply, this is very useful to have. Good hunt.

Hello, your hunt is cool!
Here is my personal comment for your hunt:


  • Solar powered, ECO friendly
  • Can act as an emergency computer
  • Long battery life
  • Cool design


  • None

Great hunt! Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.

I love this technology for that reason of conserving the planet, I find it practical for various cases but the dimensions of the product I do not like, I prefer a light laptop and a solar charger, but you are right is an excellent option if it is also a cost to help the environment.

Interesting concept...... This is a great idea for those who work outside or are on a beach trip and can't seem to let go of their CPU's. I never would have thought this would be designed but here it is.........

first solar laptop wow, cant Wait to test it, how much do you think it will cost?. it really kooks like a great deal for me, especially in my country were power is hard to get.


It is priced at about $300.

Man... with great innovative products like this, I'm spending more time on @steemhunt than I am on # busy and #steemit hahaha

This is great. Maybe now people can spend some more time outside with their laptops instead of doing that in their home. This way they can at least breath some fresh air and getting some sunlight.

Its really great news for all of us that technology give us the world first solar system Laptop. Its totally eco friendly. Nice Hunt Thanks for sharing this.

This is a very good idea, everything that can be solar should be, in my opinion. The tech as been around for years so why are we still draining resources from the plug socket? Nice hunt.

Amazing hunting! 😆

this is not seen every day a laptop that its battery is recharged with sunlight this is more than great is fantastic because we will not have to rely on an electric light connector and apart the laptop stores the battery as a normal notebook .

excellent hunting! 😃

a appreciable laptop that works in solar power, we should welcome an eco-friendly product.


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This is one of the top great product i am seeing today. A solar powered laptop that charges from sun rays and stores battery within. Nice hunt!

Woow,a solar powered laptop,this is the future