RHex - A passively-stable six-legged robot with high mobility

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A passively-stable six-legged robot with high mobility



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It is a small robot which is useful for rough terrain surfaces. It has 6 legs and moves wisely. Rhex has a height of 14cm. It weighs 12kg and it is capable of carrying 2kg of payloads.

A battery powered robot which has electric actuation. It contains a teleoperation camera and a LED lights on the front.

RHex is a six-legged robot with remarkable mobility on rough terrain. Independently controlled legs produce specialized gaits that propel it over rough terrain with minimal operator input. RHex traverses rock fields, mud, sand, vegetation, railroad tracks, telephone poles, and stairways.




Hunter: @wiseeyes


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Before I can approve it. Could you change the name?
On the official website it says: "RHex".
After you have done the editing, answer this comment and I will come back again to check.
Thank you in advance.

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This is a freaking weird robot though but still an awesome one! By the next generation, this will have a skin like animals or humans


Capable of 2 Kg weight.
LED light in the front.
Can walk on rough terrain.
EAsy to handle.



Cool Hunt mate.

Most of the robot are two legged and they can't reach to the tough places but this one has 6 legs to overcome this problem. Due to six legs It can climb any thing that comes it's on it's way, it also can carry 2 Kg weight.

Boston Dynamics has the best prototypes of humaniids and complete robots, one of my favorite ATLAS, which can do a backfip. and different tasks.
They also have the fastest quadrupedal bots in the world like the Wild cat.


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