Reality AI - Machine Learning at the Edge

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Reality AI

Machine Learning at the Edge



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Reality A.I is a software which bring A.I to your life, it enables you to bring and embed the artificial technology into products.

By delivering the most compact, computationally efficient software possible, you can deploy AI in products with limited size, weight, power consumption, and price.


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You are right sir, this technology can help us in our life and can add the machine learning in our products.

Reality AI Tools to curate steem posts would be a nice to have application :)

You share awesome hunt and thank you very much for sharing

Artificial intelligence is one of the highest growing technology and it keeps on evolving which brings more innovations in place for the people.

An amazing solution, I think it's perfect for developers to building any machine with amazing ideas and technique which make it perfect. Learning system would be great though for every fulfilling task. Great Hunt

Artificial intelligence is technology is one of the raving technology of our days and great to see a software that let you embed AI tech into products.

The platform seems great and definitely it will facilitate us to deploy AI models easily and bring AI into our lives and make our life easier.

Great software for brining Artificial intellignece in to life. It will ease developers life without any effort and it will also help to make things cost effective. Great hunt

Great to see the technology to bring AI into our everyday life. Great Hunt!


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