mdMapper1000DG - A complete uav mapping solution

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A complete uav mapping solution



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Microdrones is well known for its UAV drones. It has built a drone to make mapping a very easy task. The Drone contains cameras and brilliant sensors to complete the job.

You can see a comparison below between with Direct Georeferencing (DG) and without DG.

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Direct Georeferencing is an advanced technology which doesn't require to install any ground points. As you can see through the comparison the DG technology is fast and saves much time.

Conquer large surveying or mapping projects in a fraction of the time and master your geospatial data by putting direct georeferencing to work for you.
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Hunter: @wiseeyes

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Its so cool to see drones advancing in different fields so quickly. I didnt know there were drones built to perform such civil engineering tasks. I had seen drones only for photography and cinematography purposes. I am not aware of these engineering topics but the drone seems to be a great tool for big projects. Good hunt :)


Mapping Capabilities.
High Quality Sensor.
Easy to use.
Fast and Time saver.



Cool Hunt Mate.

Drones are Every where, But most of the people use it for fun, like for taking photos or recording videos, But this drone has a real life use and it's pretty cool, it helps in mapping with it's strong sensor. I'm impressed!


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