wave boat 444 - dock your jetski on to the "boat" and use it as the engine

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wave boat 444

dock your jetski on to the "boat" and use it as the engine



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With this wave boat 444, you will have a boat, which is completely powered , controled and steered by your jetski.

This new model is super sporty, compact and with a super slick design! Enjoy driving your jetski with others on a whole different new level.

Five passengers fit on to the boat. Enough space for your towels and food is always there. Manoeuver around any water, ocean, lake or river. Enjoy the time with your friends on this compact boat.

dji_0032 3.jpg


You can add some extras to your boat, like a Folding Bimini Top, a Wakeboard Rack, a Custom trailer (Wave Boat + jet ski) and more.

Extra Information:

  • Lenght: 4,44m
  • Capacaty: 310kg
  • Passengers: 5
  • Speed: 83 kmh
  • Chose between different colors
  • Use your jetski as engine

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-17 um 13.38.58.png

10.000,00 €, is a lot of money. If you love watersports though and enjoy the time with your friends this might be something for you!




Hunter: @whoarewe


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Yo bro, nice hunt.


  • looks awesome and it is practical
  • there is a room for 5 passengers
  • speed 83 km/h which is pretty fast
  • uses jetski as engine(smart move)


  • a bit pricey, but I doubt there is something simular that isnt expensive

Pros and Cons
-If your friend made you mad, you can dump them out at the sea
-turning jet ski to a boat, for more carrying capacity

-Jet ski are not built to propel extra weight than it can carry
-really expensive

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