jaykay - Electric Longboard, hidden inside the truck itself

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Electric Longboard, hidden inside the truck itself



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Hunter's comment

Attach the JayKay e-trucks to any longboard! It is hidden inside the e-trucks and looks completely like a normal longboard. You decide if you want to use the electric power or your own. It is protected against dust and splash water.

You can also regain energy during braking, with the extra energy you can travel even further and get some extra range. Which means even if the battery is low or empty you can hit the brake.

There is an extra ring, which controles speed and break with your arm movements via Bluetooth. By pressing a button you will give the commands. Direction of rotation will control spead and brake and others. There is also a small display to give you full control.

Compared to other e-boards this one only weighs 4kg, while others weigh about 8kg with the battery.



Extra Information:

  • Attach it to any skateboard
  • Top speed 30 km/h (18,6 mp/h)
  • Bluetooth control
  • Max range 12-15 km (7.5 miles-10 miles)
  • Full power charge 1 hour
  • Controled via arm gestures
  • Three different driving modes (slow, fast and eco)
  • Only weighs 4kg
  • Perfect control via app
  • Check battery status via app




Hunter: @whoarewe


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  • great and sophisticated

  • can use electric power

  • There is an extra ring, which controls speed and breaks with the movement of your arm through Bluetooth


  • none

Pros and Cons
-Electric longboard without apparent motor/ battery packs
-Allow tracking of the data

-Maybe considered as vehicle in certain locations and subjected to local laws


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

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A good feature for a skateboard or longboard. It helps skaters in
maximizing their strengths and stamina. Good hunt again @whoarewe!

Awesome hunt @whoarewe I already upvoted some other electric vehicles today, this one is a little different since you can add it to any existing board. The price though is way too expensive. Is it allowed in each country? Germany for example I think it is not, a friend of mine got his taken away by the police.

Really like the layout, the upper text part could get an extra photo in between the text, just an advice for your next hunts.

Keep up the good hunting and enjoy the day @whoarewe

Great hunt @whoarewe

This is my opinion about your hunt


Cool and sophisticated products can create a great sensation.

  • Can be used with electric power
  • resistant to dust and water
  • With 4kg weight you can take it anywhere
  • Can be controlled with bluetooth
  • Charge only 1 hour

This product is perfect for you fans of skateboard :)


  • None for this hunt

I'll give you a GIF for your hunt

Very sleek, stylish design and superior in performance.

This looks like a lot of fun!

Awesome hunt ! Thanks for your work.

Here is my review for your hunt:

My personal score :★★★★★★★★ (Max: 10 Stars)


  • This product is very great for country that banned electricity skateboard
  • This product is lightweight, just 4kg
  • This product had a long battery life


  • None

Good job and great hunt!

Looking forward to see more great hunt from you!

unt from you!

AHA!! the ebike version of the longboard! I would totally buy this!

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