Lumigent - A smart robotic desk lamp

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A smart robotic desk lamp



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Hello @steemhunt and dear fellas :)

Everyone knows about the simple desk lamps and use them regularly,
So what's new in that one?
Nice question, well this isn't just a desk light, This is the Smart Robotic Desk Lamp which is loaded with a Camera and Wi-Fi. Yeah, you read it right a camera in desk lamp :)

This robotic table light house guided it's holy light according to your voice.
You have to say the magical words "Alexa, ask the lumigent to turn on"
And then it automatically turns towards the direction of voice. It can automatically adjust its light brightness according to the preset settings.

The camera on it isn't also an ordinary camera, this is the Smarteye of this monster lamp.
It is an autofocus 8 MP camera, you can take pictures of your documents or anything else and can record video and can share them via wifi ("bravo").
You can ask the lumigent for an videoconferencing. Really! Yes.

Lumigent comes with 4 motors inside of its arm. You can set the light angle according to you.



Hunter: @vspdivine

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congrats you are [verified]

that's kinda crazy -- be interesting to see if we see more servo style lights with cameras and alexa/ai built in -- like the idea it can follow or locate camera to where the voice is coming from, could end up with a unit that follows you everywhere at your standing desk! :)

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if you need help reach out to — @teamhumble, @dayleeo, @fknmayhem, @folken, @urbangladiator and i’m sure one of the mods will be able to help you get everything sorted.

Thanks to @teamhumble
Yeah that's an interesting desk gadget with AI and it is also very useful though :)
Also Thanks for your useful guide lines.

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Interesting hunt @vspdivine . Here is my personal take on this.

  • The LUMIGENT is has elegant stunning design and is simple to use
    *The lumigent has brightness of 840 lumens /7.5W
  • It is compatible with IOS AND ANDROID
  • The lamp has wifi connectivity thus allowing to share pictures videos clicked thru its camera
  • It can be operated in handsfree mode based on speech


  • it is very expensive priced at $400


  • Unique and advanced innovation that you can hardly find in the usual lamp.
  • Has a camera and audio that keeps records for documentation purposes
  • thin and lighweight, seems foldable

I can't see any.

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