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Hello Beautiful people it's SŰŁMĂÑ here and today post is the participating blog in the contest of STEEMHUNT started by the man @rosatravels.
Firstly its a very bug contest and i hope you all participate in it and also show support more towards it,lets start with the introduction.



Steemhunt has entered steem blockchain in 2017~18 and it has become one of the most using dapps in this large ecosystem.As it is highlighting the great products in the market alot of delegates come up and becomes a part of it.Now over 1 millions has been delegated and the current steem power this giant dapp is about 1.5 million with the vote worth of over 33$.Steemhunt has some posting guidelines and standard as well because when a new member joins it and which is not in a field of technology environment sometimes less quality hunt creates so in order to get accepted they set the standards as well.Those who meet the standards gets approval.lets discuss a bit of posting guidelines of the steemhunt.


Who is a talented steemhunter?

In my opinion to becoming a talented steemhunter a person doesn't require any certificate nor he/she requires any field experience.
The person who wants to be called a talented he/she should follow the posting guidelines and need some tricks or website to find unique and best products in the market.
The only thing which is required in a person to become a talented steemhunter is that he/she need dedication, put some effort of searching, should able to invest some time and reading about the product.


Where to dig for cool products..!

This question is indeed very sensitive as its a secret weapon for any hunter to find good products still i basically used few website which probably helps me alot in getting approve on steemhunt which are as follow.
As it will be a guide for new hunter i would love to help them with website where i usually found hunts.i will recommend for these platform:

  • Google
  • kickstarter
  • wechat
  • indiegogo
  • ads of products on IT websites
  • youtube
  • producthunt

These are my seven wonders for finding any good hunt for steemhunt plateform hope it will help you as well.
You have to be proactive in terms of searching as well as need to be a good reader to find great products.

image source

Posting Guidelines and Requirements to qualifying for post on steemhunt

There are few rule on which a post has been moderated in order to approve on steemhunt you must satisfy these rules in order to get accepted your hunt.

Steemhunt runs a single ranking board globally, so please post and comment in English.
Types of Products to Post
Steemhunt usually accept products of IT,software and hardware.
Product Link
Hunter needs to provide the link where others can find the product.
Plagiarism and Copyright
The plagiarism and copyright has checked before the approval of any post.
Quality of the Post
the quality of the hunt matters as well.
No Duplication Allowed
You cannot post same hunt again and again.

If you want to read im details check here
Posting Guidelines


DOnt get afraid from the rules Hunts do get approved just need a little effort GOOD LUCK!

In the start i also get timid after reading the rules but the key to success is to come out of your comfort zone isn't just try hard and you will get success for sure.


interacting with the community and hunters

In my opinion whats the best way learning about any platform is to interact with people who are working there because they know the best how things work and in every community you will find great people who will help you out and sort your problems. In order to interact with people of steemhunt they made a server on discord which you can join here.
Steemhunt Discord


Steemhunt Hunt Tokens

The prize or incentives we get from steemhunt for our effort of post they give us Hunt tokens.

Hunt Tokens is major source of connections between the hunter and the developer of that product on steemhunt.

I am also not very old hunter but reasonable let me show you my profile on steemhunt as well.
The recent price of hunt token is 0.008$

My Opinion about Steemhunt

According to me steemhunt as a great potential to become a next products marketing giant in next 5 years i am predicting steemhunt is going to be top website for the new products market as well as a source of earning for millions of its users.So start steemhunt today and do follow and be a part of our wonderful community.

my contact info

Member off the #steemterminal and you can contact me in Discord @vlogger147 I use my own pictures or those from Pixabay and I always name my sources in the blogs. Feel free to leave me any feedback or support.
Signing off,


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