Captr Jacket - SMART Jacket with Over 9 Features In 1

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Captr Jacket

SMART Jacket with Over 9 Features In 1



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Captr jacket is the new way to stream, record and snap your memories.


Available in multiple designs for both women and men, Captr jackets can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Supports almost any smartphone, Captr merged with it's patented smartphone case and transforms your phone into a hands-free device that captures everything you see.If you decide to capture multiple moments throughout the day, Captr will keep your smartphone fully charged. Just plug in your smartphone into the included portable battery pack for all day recording so you won't miss any incredible moments.

Not only it comes with everything you need, Captr is also a machine washable apparel. It also comes with a durable Gorilla Glass eyepiece so that your phone is protected from dirt, dust and water.


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Hi @viverridae,

Thanks for yet another hunt. Sadly enough I have to delist this one as it seems it’s a crowdfunding campaign which never delivered. Also the website linked on their KS profile does not exist and there have been no recent updates on the campaign profile anymore either.

Accordingly I am delisting this hunt for being a non-product.


It’s okay @fknmayhem. I understand


This jacket is so amazing which has many features we need. I think I should buy one, and I love the colours.

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