Nomadtask - Online Tasks for Digital Nomads by STEEM Hunt Team

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Online Tasks for Digital Nomads by STEEM Hunt Team



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People flock when they can earn a reward. There is a large group of expats and digital nomads across the globe. STEEM Hunt is trying to bring a product for all those people. Nomadtask connect 100,000+ professional digital nomads from 150+ countries.

HUNT Price Doubled On August 1st and I think this is only a glimpse what is to come. Nomadtask generate more demand for HUNT Token and may even bring more users to STEEM

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This is amazing. Hunt needs an eco-system where people can earn tokens and where people who need work done can hire others. A proper employment market. Nice find!

This is a rebranding of review Hunt project by steemhunt. Its good platform to earn Hunt token through tasks

Really cool reinterpretation of Reviewhunt, lets hope that SH soon experience a makeover too.

Nomadtask promises to be a good source of extra income, especially for @SteemHunt aficionados @vimukthi
Interesting Hunt.
Thank you! 🙏


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