InboxKitten - Open Source Serverless Disposable E-mail Service

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Open Source Serverless Disposable E-mail Service



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Hunter's comment

We have all been there where there is a service, MMO or just something curiously interesting that ask for an E-mail address before they let you in. Most of the time most of us never even use this E-mail feature and suddenly a random (mostly a small company) has your E-mail which can get leaked or they just keep sending you those annoying promotional mails and it's really hard for you to find your important mail.

Most Disposable E-Mail Domains Are Already Blocked

It's not all unreasonable as disposable E-mails can be used by malicious people to create spam accounts. But unfortunately this isn't good for us good guys who just want a clean inbox.

Luckily, InboxKitten just launched and pretty much everybody accepts you InboxKitten address.

Fork It All You Want

Click the heading for the GitHub Repository and you are on your own to build your own thing.

Good Luck!



Hunter: @vimukthi

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