Spun - A calorie-counting and nutrition tracking utensil

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A calorie-counting and nutrition tracking utensil



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Hunter's comment

A Spoon or Spun to count your calories before you eat. Take a picture of your food using the spun app, and it will automatically count the calories and nutrition in your meal.

Good for those doing weight management and also body detox. Spun is water resistant and has a built in battery that can be rechargeble. Spun also uses gesture recognition to detect when you are eating.

The fork and spoon also in interchangebles and some are disposable for those one time use.

One of the best feature on spun is , you can set the calories and nutrition you wanna eat, once you reach that limit, the app will give you a buzz to make sure you stop eating.

Check out their video promo below:




Hunter: @veenang


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Cool Hunt!

Hello @veenang, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-
It is a kind of cool spoon and I haven't seen such innovative spoon. The best use of this spoon it can be used to maintain the balance between your hunger and diet.


  • Monitor calories and nutrition
  • It allows us to take energy as we required
  • Waterproof & Gesture recognization


  • None

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Suberb hunt @veenang...
These utensils can prove to be quite helpful in managing the diet and have a healthy life. A great product for those who are looking to reduce their weight.

I wouldn't have thought of this, not in a million years but it's an excellent idea, especially for those who are counting calories. I should too but I'm too lazy for that. I guess this is exactly for lazy people like me. Nice find, it makes your job more easier and helps you have control over what you're eating.

Damn. Technology has come far.... Who would have thought I will witness a spoon such like that haha. Crazy, cool hunt!

Wah.. ini mcm pun ada ka.. buli tahan

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