SAS Survival - Ultimate Survival Guide For Any Climate in Any Situation

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SAS Survival

Ultimate Survival Guide For Any Climate in Any Situation



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Hunter's comment

For a Long 20 over years SAS Survival Guide has been the proven the Best Survival guide in the World thru selling in Books and Magazine.

Today, they have up their game and produce in the era of Application Tool for All Smart Phone users.

SAS Survival is the Ultimate Guide for Surviving Skills in Any Weather and In any Situation.

These are features in their app:

~ Whatever written in The Book states in the app
~ John Lofty Wiseman will be giving 16 videos of basic survival
~ Tons of Photo galleries of edible, medicinal and poisonous plants
~ It has built-in Morse Code signaling device
~ Over more than 100 + question quiz to test if you've got what it takes to survive
~ Survival Checklist
~ A Built-in Sun Compass
~ Extreme Climate Survival Skills and methods: user can choose Polar, Desert, Tropical, and Sea scenario
~ Last but not least, a very comprehensive First Aid section

Free to Download in Android and iOS



Hunter: @veenang

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Sounds like I need to download this app. Everything I need to know about survival tips in one app. This is like having Bear Grylls on your phone! Haha


Indeed Yeap. Thks for the comment

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This is hunt seems to be a good one for me. I love idea of that option #Morsecode when you enter a message and this app will create a Morse Code by flashing lights On and Off from your phone display. Also, a stone idea for example tips for basic survival. Definitely YES!


Thanks for the comment.

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Nice hunt @veenang I like the concept where it feature over more than 100 questions quiz to test user on what it takes to survive.


Kotohuadan kio

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Great hunt @veenang..!!
All in our hand.. easy to use,no need to use book anymore..
Thanks for sharing...


Pounsikou Kio

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Very cool and life saving product. Having video guides is extra helpful. It's usable where ever you are and even offer basic checklists. It's not hard to follow or and above all it is FREE!

It's hard to ask for a better deal.


Thks for the comment

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