Time recoil - slow time by killing

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Time recoil

slow time by killing



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Hunter's comment

Time Recoil is an action shooting game where by you are required to slow time by killing, bullet dodging in epic slow moves in order to complete your mission. The target aim is saving the world from Mr Time.


  • you are been giving extra time in slow motion by killing

  • special moves can be earn

  • you can top leaderboard and earn stars in time attack mode


Released date March 1 2018

Updated on March 22 2018

Download size 133mb

Downloads 500




Hunter: @valchiz


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  • Game available on several platforms both mobile and consoles.
  • Attractive game mode with the option to get special moves.
  • Very good and detailed scenarios
  • A very attractive story behind game

*It is not available for android, for me that is a cons


  • the game is very unique and cool
  • very exciting and fun
  • Easy to get
  • none

Great hunt


  • Great graphics
  • Easy to be expert of this game
  • Great action game
  • nothing for this hunt

Best of luck

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As an action shooting game, Time Recall in my opinion still provides a pretty decent and challenging entertainment.

So when you need a time killer / friend to spend time, this game can be the best choice.

Action shooting with different enemies makes it more fun and fun to play.


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