Colour Blind - An Interesting Colour Game for platformer

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Colour Blind

An Interesting Colour Game for platformer



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Hunter's comment

Cloud blind - an eye for and eye is a story base game where the right eye fell in love with the left eye, they where living happily but unfortunately the left eye was kidnapped by the dusty pirate the right eye was all alone and have to go on a mission to find and rescue left eye from the dusty pirate.

Version 1.2

Downloads 100,000

Released on April 4 2018

Updated on April 4 2018

Download size 39.56 mb

Offered by Nitrome



Hunter: @valchiz

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Great hunting. Then I will leave you my criticism of pros and cons on this great game.


  • It has excellent graphics
  • It is easy to use and play.
  • It is beautiful, it entertains a lot and it is exciting.
  • Each level that passes is a bit difficult.


  • None for this hunt.

I like to play games,its amazing game.

Hello @ valchiz, great hunting, it is quite practical and fun, with a nice graphic section and a precise control system.