OmiBox Programmable Robot - Yahboom OmiBox Programmable Cute Robot Car..!

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OmiBox Programmable Robot

Yahboom OmiBox Programmable Cute Robot Car..!



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Hunter's comment

Hello,Goodluck to you all on steemhunt..!
Today I want to share with you one of the best Programmable robots.It is called Yahboom OmiBox Programmable Cute Robot Car Compatible with Scratch3.0 & LEGO.
This robot is easy to install,no need screw and welding product.
*It consists of...
(1) Three PCB boards,three acrylic plates
(2)Two wheels,Universal wheel
(3)Two DC motors
(4)4 servo interfaces
(5)Programmable RGB lights
(6)Infrared avoid sensors
(7)Tracking sensor
(8)Color detection sensor
(9)Lithium battery
(10)Others needomibox_9_1024x1024.jpg

This robot supports scratch graphical programming and Arduino IDE programming.
*This can use two remote control methods...
(1)Bluetooth APP remote control
(2)Infrared remote control
*It has many interesting functions...
(2)Automatic obstacle avoidance
(4)Sound control
(5)RGB lights
(6)play music
This robot is suitable for people of different ages to use.
If you want more,follow to product link.


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Oh,This is duplicated post.So sorry about it.But I surely check for it before.Anyway I try my best for next hunt.Good luck to you all.Best wishes...

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