Micro:bit Camera Platform - Yahboom Micro:bit Camera Platform by Android Mobile Phone.

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Micro:bit Camera Platform

Yahboom Micro:bit Camera Platform by Android Mobile Phone.



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Hello,Good luck to all on steemhunt..!
Today I want to share with you one of the best micro:bit camera platforms.It is Yahboom Micro:bit Camera Platform.
This camera platform is a high intelligent DIY product.
*Unique features...
(1)30W pixel camera module is a perfect interesting visual.
(2)support a variety of expansion board.
(3)two degree-of-freedom servo can be rotated flexibly.It can be easily up,down,left,and right in real time.
(4)You can use android mobile phone remote control APP.Not yet available for iOS.
*It consists of...
(1)Two 180-degree servos
(2)WIFI camera
(3)An acrylic platform holder
(4)Lithium battery
(5)Others need
It is a creative combination of camera platform as you interested.
So we have more knowledges and more easy to make combine for better critical thinking how to do a great combine product.
It is more develop for our future with micro:bit camera platform-DIY product.
If you interest more,you should follow to the product link.




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can you please link the original product link from the manufactor please. thanks!

Hello,@teamhumble .
I found another two address in there.
(1) https://www.yahboom.net/study/camera:bit
(2) https://microbit.org/
Which one is right?I don't know exactly and where can I try and find for the product of manufacture link.If you have a free time,please guide me how to get it.I don't know too much about it.Please help for me to get it.
Thank you so much for your kindness and I must try my best in future with you.Good luck to you all.Best wishes...

Now I changed No.(1) link address on my post.It this right,sir.

thanks for changes. verified.

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Oh,Yes.Surely,sir.Thank you so much for verified.Good luck to you all.Best wishes...


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Thank you so much for your upvote and kindness.This is a great doing for all and improving of steemhunt platform.I try my best with you in future.

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