Electric Toothbrush XT01 - Nano Waterproof Coating Technology Electric Toothbrush..!

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Electric Toothbrush XT01

Nano Waterproof Coating Technology Electric Toothbrush..!



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Hunter's comment

Hello,Good luck to all on steemhunt..!
Today I want to share with you one of the best electric toothbrushs.It is called Infinix Electric Toothbrush XT01.
Multi Functions & Feactures...
(1)5 Smart Cleaning/Brushing Modes...
All modes are supporting by mechanical rotation options.That's why you can choose which modes do you prefer for more comfort.It is the best for all users.
(2)This brush is a water resistant body IPX7 - Nano waterproof coating technology.
(3)This is an intelligent magnetic suspension movement.
(4)You can charge your phone adapter.
(5)Non-slipper Design is better to use.
(6)This electric brush is changable brush head and 3 original brush heads is in one pack.
(7)Imported Gum Care Brush
(8)This is using by American Standard Bristles that are rounded tips to protect the enamel gum tissues.
So This is more perfect and suitable for all people.
If you want more,you should go to the product link and watch below.

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More people are using these battery-powered wireless toothbrushes. Usually these products are called electric toothbrushes, but I have used them before and felt my teeth brush better. Perhaps the products that are released these days are of better quality than the old electric toothbrush. Thank you for hunting a good electric toothbrush.

Yes,Most of the products are coming to update day by day on this ages.We must use better electric toothbrush,surely.Thank you so much for your comment.Good luck to you all the best,@supergiant.


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Thank you so much for your verified my post.This is a good hearing.Good luck to you all.Best wishes...

How about the price of this product? @uthantzin


Great sharing of this excelle innovation which means smart technology is on its peak. Smart technology now involved in our every field of life and brought too much ease. "Infinix Electric Toothbrush" is wonderful brush which take care of our teeth in better way.

Yes,That is right @rabeel.
Technology is going to up day by day on our ever field.This toothbrush is the best for our teeth healthy.Thank you so much for your comment.Good luck to you all.

Technology really improving day by day .this tooth brush is very important and useful for lead to our comfortable life .this brush are well modified with more facilities. Hope people choice this easily . This brush helpful for our oral hygiene. Thanks for share .

This toothbrush is helping for our oral health on daily habit.We must use this product for better convenience.Thank you so much for writing a comment on my post.Good luck to you all.Best wishes...

Who would have thought a toothbrush would have so much technology wrapped up into a disposable item. I gather you can buy replacement heads as they give you three with the pack. I am sure this won't come cheap and one of the reasons I hesitate to buy this sort of thing. There must be a market for it, but I think it will be limited. I like the idea behind it though.

Somethings is strange to use that many reasons.But it could be so efficient for all people.For Exanple Just about our health.Some people don't care for health if they are healthy.When they are not good health,they are so late any reason.That's why we must care about it.
So I like so much,too and credited.
Thank you so much writing a comment on my post.Good luck to you all.

Electric Brush? This is way too cool. This does part of the job for you. It has some nice features though but you failed to highlight the price, so we could know if it is actually worth it

Yes,sir.Thank you so much for your comment to get better for me.I would try my best in future.Good luck to you all.

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