Alcohol Detector for factories - Alcohol Detector With Automatic Machine Shutdown System...!

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Alcohol Detector for factories

Alcohol Detector With Automatic Machine Shutdown System...!



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Hello,goodluck to all..!
Today I want to share with you one of the best safety system for all factories.It is factory worker alcohol detector with automatic machine shutdown system.
Machines need to be operated carefully for all factories.If the operator do one mistake,it may get you to injuries or loss of life and business.So we need to setup this system for machines of all industries safe.
It consists of...
(2)Alcohol sensor
(3)Motor driver IC
(4)LCD display
(5)GSM modem
(7)other accessories needed
If the machine operator drunk alcohol,the alcohol sensor running to check alcohol level as a outputs voltage.It is found alcohol level for alerting mode and goes to the microcontroller to stop machine opreration.And then GSM modem to send a message to your GSM about the situation.
That is why I like so much about it and it is very safe for all people.
If you interest,you should follow to the product link.


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This will be useful for policemen to use in check points in detecting alcohol levels in different people. This will be nice even for companies to run an alcoholic test


Yes,That is also right.This system is useful to check alcohol level as the same needed.Thank you so much to write a comment for my post.Good luck to you all,@abasifreke.

The idea is awesome, I saw many physical workers and machine operators drunk while working. They are thinking that they bypass the boring shift of work with the help of booze... Sometimes the consumption of alcohol results in a disaster in the working premises, due to the drunken careless mind of a single worker. This project can be improved and imply in factories because the workers found many ways and gaps to use it in their working time, even though they are strictly monitored and allowed to enter the working area. Nice thought which ensures safety and responsibility. nice hunt.


Yes,that is right.I also seen many drunk worker while they are working time in the factories.So,we should use to setup this system for all factories and workers.It must be protected to injuries for people and loss of business.I like so much and awesome to use it.
Thank you so much to write a comment and good luck to all,@sabari18.

I bet their are many people who would fear this machine, imagine coming to work drunk and failing the breathelizer. That would be a bad day :(


Yes,That is right.We should do that be a perfect work without drinking.This system protect you all the best of our life during working time to drink.Thank you very much to stop and write a comment on my post,@cyberblock.

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Waa;;;Good for me.Thanks you for your care to approve my post.Good luck to you all.

Alcohol Detector is a great invention and its usage in different factories and other working places is very fruitful. There are lot of incidents happened in factories and other places when the workers used vine or other alcoholic items which cause much damaged even life is also at risk. So it should be used in commercial level to avoid such type of loss.


Yes,That is also right.We should use to setup any alcoholic level to prevent on working time in factories.Thank you so much to write a comment,@rabeel.

Nice innovation. If this device set in the industry, Obviously it will minimize the accident in the heavy industrial work.
@uthantzin NIce hunt. I like this hunt and boosted it. Keep up your good job.


Yes,it is very useful for every factory worker and safe for industrial job.Thank you so much for upvoting and writing a comment on my post.Goodluck to you all,@mawahab.

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