Crypto Arts - Virtual Gallery on the Blockchain

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Crypto Arts

Virtual Gallery on the Blockchain





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The beauty of blockchain technology is that everything will eventually be tokenised.
You won't need to save for a massive deposit for an investment property because you'll be able to invest in portions of property by purchasing tokens, which will rise and fall in value as the property market does.

Crypto Arts works on a similar principle... except we're not talking about the actual real works of art. Crypto Arts is about tokenising the artworks that will be available in an AR Art Gallery - people will pay an entry price in their ERC721 token XART, and advertisers will advertise within the gallery too.

When you buy a piece of art for this AR Art Gallery, you get some space alongside your artwork that you can rent out to advertisers.... and galleries and artists can host exhibitions potentially using your owned artwork.

It's an interesting concept, and there already seems to be quite a bit of action buying and selling of famous artworks... but I'd want to see the AR gallery launch first, are art-lovers going to care? Maybe... but it seems like a huge gamble at this point.



Hunter: @urbangladiator

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