Figure - Re:ZERO - Emilia - Height : 220mm. PVC Figure (painted, pre-assembled)

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Figure - Re:ZERO - Emilia

Height : 220mm. PVC Figure (painted, pre-assembled)







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Thank you, Subaru. You saved me.From the anime series 'Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-' comes a 1/7th scale figure of the half-elf heroine, Emilia! The figure is based on the cover illustration of the original collection of short stories, but has been tuned to match the design of Emilia from the anime series.Her sleeves and hemming of her iconic outfit have been sculpted with a fluttering appearance to capture her in a pose with the wind blowing at her side to create a lovely dynamic display. Be sure to add the angelic Emilia-tan to your collection!
[Sculptor]: Akachomu [Paintwork]: Kenji Sugi

DistributorGoodsmile Company



Hunter: @uenakua

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