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Guilt management app



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Guiltfreejunk is a diet app for people who sometimes break. It is a guilt management app for active people on a reasonable diet. It automatically integrates with Apple Health and calculates the number of calories you've burned during the day, so if you burned cheesecake number of calories you are free to enjoy it, although do not expect scales to be different from yesterday. Guiltfreejunk App is available for ios, its size is 42 MB.


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Seems an interesting app to keep your calories in check which will indeed help to control your weight and keep you healthy. Nice hunt.

This is a great app that will surely encourage people to exercise during the day so that they have burned enough calories to qualify for a satisfying treat of a dessert in the evening.

Guiltfreejunk app automatically integrate with Apple Health and calculates the number of calories burned during the day.


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