Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror - a mirror that displays applications and useful information

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Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror

a mirror that displays applications and useful information



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Hunter's comment

Most of the glasses of today's generation are really superb because it has been equipped already with a lot of awesome functionalities.

How much more with this Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror which can be used to display a lot of information and other applications.

Here is a short video presentation.

Continue viewing the animation here.

The best thing about this mirror? Hmm, shall we say, this is already been an open source project and is available already on GitHub! Grab a pull request now! :)




Hunter: @truthsfinder


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Wow, I love this idea.

I have a five year old daughter, and I'm itching to get her into Raspberry Pi creating/programming (she's not ready yet, but I'll be trying in the next 6-12 months). And this is a perfect project to aim for! My mind is already filling with ideas of the content to use (can't see her being that interested in the weather).

Waw is a mirror that is not quite a mirror. Nice and simple. In addition to being able to look at ourselves, we can still look at weather information ... A good hunt

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I saw many products with smart mirrors on this platform, but I never saw a mirror designed with Raspberry Pi and I liked its technology very much. AMAZING HUNT :)

i really wanna build out some raspberry pi ideas at some point -- i think my next one will be a stand alone system with a backup psu, connectivity and fail over for 24/7 comms.

Usage are of raspberry pi is limitless. Using a mirror like screen for applications is a great idea and it will be reall cool thing if you can build it self. Great thing that its open source so everybody can use it.

It is a smart and cool idea to display applications and useful information on a mirror. Perfect hunt.

I actually came across this when i was looking for final year projects , definitely cool little thing to build

It is perfect to see applications and useful information on a mirror, better than seeing yourself hahaha. Great hunt.

It would have been better if it has touch sensor. Nonetheless, it's still amazing. Great hunt!

I also saw a mirror about gym, yesterday, Raspberyy Pi Smart Mirror is a perfect hunt, too. It would be great to see applications and useful information. Thanks for sharing.

Damn. I'm a raspberry pi fan! Though it is not convenient to use for starter Engineering techy students and not the same as Arduino Uno. This smart mirror is very much beneficial to the community. Great hunt always buddy.

Pros and Cons
-Very cool design and good for indoor decoration
-Smart things make home better

-a little pricy

It has a simple design, but several functions. I like it and it's very useful, in the mornings.
Especially for women who spend hours in front of the mirror.

crazy cool idea


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