OCS™ Heart - the world's only portable heart perfusion system

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OCS™ Heart

the world's only portable heart perfusion system



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Hunter's comment

We all knew how important our heart is, when it dies, you definitely die too!

But as technology is growing so fast, we cannot avoid to really make something to save more lives today and in the future. That is one of the reasons why OCS™ Heart is made, to make the impossible, be possible!

This will really save a lot of people!




Hunter: @truthsfinder


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This is weird but seems like it would help a lot of people.


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Hahahaha. Yeah! But it will be very helpful. Thanks anyway! :)

Wow, the technology is going so adjacent to the real world. It is helpful. Thanks for sharing this cool hunt.

Excellent HUNT
I agree with you, with our having technology how to store our heart, lot of people die. This is amazing product. Thanks for sharing.

The product is very amazing. It can make your heart alive and carry it around. This is a very good and useful machine which can save lives.

Heart and brain are the most important organels in our body,OCS Heart will be a great evolution. Marvelous hunt.

A life-saving technology, not much else to say. Imagine the possibilities now... Congrats on a great hunt @truthsfinder

Support for organ donation because it is a way to help many people who have a life expectancy. This initiative of preserving the heart and being able to be donated is great, and a great scientific advance and an achievement in health. Congratulations. Thanks for share this super hunt

This hunt is terribly awesome! This will be the substitute to the people with heart conditions! This will save a lot of lives! Congrats!

this is absolutely live savers. sometimes when this organ is transferring will facing traffic jam or some circumstances, so with this it can let the organ to stay safe and make it the best life savers

What a break through, to save the humanity. However, I am wondering why its commercially available in Europe and Australia only ? Its said, its under clinical investigation in the U.S., but if it works in one part of the world, would it not work everywhere ? After all, all the hearts must be working in same technology 😝

This is very useful hunt @truthsfinder! This will really save a lot of people through implantation. Hope this will be more successful in the future! ;)

Great medical product findings @truthsfinder, can save many lives, hopefully, in the future, there will be many things product like this, great hunting!

There should be more inventions about the health and It is great to see a hunt about Heart Health. I hope OCS Heart will protect a lot of hearts. Great hunt.

Indeed Today's dire need.
the world's only portable heart perfusion system
A must share in around the globe. Awesome hunt. Weldon man!

WOW.....OCS™ Heart is a great step forward to saving lives. This is the use of tech in the right direction. It might be expensive at this stage and later on as well that might make it not affordable for a vast majority of people from across the world. So, that's the only con I see in this product, rest if great. Impressive job @truthsfinder.

Owsome dear this is great this system save many people heart is the most important for our body and our live . The OCS™ HEART is commercially available in Europe and Australia and is in clinical use in leading centers


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