Code Review Lamp - a lamp to notify the developer team for pending code reviews

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Code Review Lamp

a lamp to notify the developer team for pending code reviews



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Hunter's comment

In every work, we usually maintain a fast-paced environment wherein we only require to make commits small and often and those commits does not only have to pass a series of tests but also needs to have an extensive review before it will be merged.

This is why Code Review Lamp is created.

Basically, it is a

Neopixel-based, a WiFi-enabled gadget that reminds developers to peer-review their colleagues' code.

What are you waiting for? Want to be reminded in a very easy way and an awesome reminder? Hmm. Take a pull request of this one since this is an open source project!

Take a glimpse of this one here.



Hunter: @truthsfinder

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This is pretty cool. I wonder if the lamp will ever be able to check the code itself, cause that would be completely awesome!! Good hunt

The days of lamps representing one color of light as much as the same amount of light are gone. It has to be able to express different colors, to strengthen the mood, to be quiet. I'd like to give high marks on that part of the product.

Hi, @truthsfinder you are a really great hunter! Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt. This is my personal review and no intention to judge your work. ☺☺

✤ Congrats for your verified ✤


  • WOW! It's look like very interesting this Code Review Lamp perfect for those who wants to codes a lamp.
  • You can able to codes these lamp so it's means you can create your own effects of lights.
  • The Code Review Lamp is Wi-Fi enable so it's means you can control the light using your mobile devices?

Great hunt! ☺☺

I have approved it :)

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Great for the developer team to have with this code review lamp. It is surprising what we can have with new technology. Cool hunt.

code review lamp is an advanced technology lamp, a nepex based, WiFi capable gadget, which reminds colleagues to criticize the code. Many beautiful Hunter.


After seeing your payout, I guess this hunt does not need to be influenced at all. Sometimes it does not matter, as long as your hunt is great and it attracts the whales viewing this content. Im not a programmer so I dont know if this thing is important or not.

for the developers it is a great gadget of great use that facilitates the great amount of hours of works and will not let them overlook any aspect, great hunt.

Wow. This is really useful. Sometimes we forgot to code review our colleague's work because of our busy schedule. Thanks for hunting this.

This is an interesting product really, damn the producer of this gotta be so smart


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Man is a forgetful creature of the God, so in this regard Code Review Lamp is an awesome lamp to remind the owner to review the coding and all stuff of the colleagues in an effective way.

Brilliant Hunt :)

great combination of post i liked