Revolut Metal - Cryptocurrency Supported Debit Card Made of Stainless Steel

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Revolut Metal

Cryptocurrency Supported Debit Card Made of Stainless Steel


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Revolut aims to revolutionize the banking system from the ground up.
The startup provides its users with the services a brick & mortar bank provides.

This is not the usual startup that dreams too big and fails fast.

The firm provides its tech-savvy users with a commission-free stock brokerage platform, Paypal-esque payment processing services, and a no-frills 25 currency foreign exchange.
Its mobile application also supports the direct purchase and sale of five cryptocurrencies.

Revolut Metal is just the most recent of ts services.

It can be the method for crypto diehards to live day-to-day solely on digital assets considering the fact that Revolut is already providing financial services to users worldwide.

Among other features, it literally pays you to spend cryptocurrency and fiat through its cashback program.

Revolut has 2.5 mil. customers who collectively issued over 150 mil. transaction worth more than 15 billion Euros.
The latest funding round valuation: $1.7 billion.



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That's certainly cool! Would be great if we have such a card for Steemit!

i actually upgraded my account yesterday (one of the first 10k people, you gotta do that right?)

they are a bit crafty with the whole subscription per month/per year thing but tbh i was already paying for the premium anyway so the features make it worth it for me moving forward! :)

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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this is cool, we need more of these crypto debit cards to finally use some of the coins

I have one . The rounding option helps me save shedloads and not even notice