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Face recognition smart door lock



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This is a new era is home security with this smart lock. No need for heavy locks anymore, your face is simply the key to your house. It has an inbuilt camera that helps scan your face to unlock. It also comes with finger prints scans. The US:E lock can be controlled with your phone also, so when the pizza man is at your door, the camera scans and sends you an image of who is at your door, and you can simply press open.


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Very smart actually. Except if someone is breaking in and using you as hostage.


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Good luck and happy hunting!

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Best thing for lazy people like me, can open door while lying on the bed. No more keys required which can lost and give tough time to unlock the doors. Nowadays, these things makes our life easier but need to utilize in the right time.

useful hunt, but not wowed because facial recognition, if already on mobile, will reach all smart devices.

Technology is mamking things easier and safe for us. Great safety feature and best for people like me who forgets keys inside. Finger print option is another great feature.How many people added in the camera and what is the price of this amazing lock?

hmm, face recognition system is good for home security and protection of a home. It's simply an awesome way for that purpose. Now they can keep lock home withoutb any hasitation.

Face scan security lock very cool indeed and yes we are living in a new age so we have to keep ourselves up to date according to new revolutionary technology. I just loved the idea that you don't need heavy locks anymore use this instead

Security is the demand of's a nice idea to have this on phone which keep pur phone save and unreachable for like this can help with all it's features.I think no one will theft your phone if he will be awared about the face lock which is used in cell phones.

Oh, i like this device which is a face recognition smart door lock. Do you know the price for this door lock? Sounds interesting and fascinating to me and hopefully i can get this type of door lock.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. Security is our first pority. This face lock bell is totally save. Technology helps ypu to spend your life save and easy. This bell save your house from thiefs. Without your detection your door can not be opened. I think pakistani peoples needs and use this bell his house security. Everyone show his face you can open your door. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

cool hunt mate.

Door likes this will surely save us from getting theft, i always wanted to have something like this in my home, but here in my country these thing are very expensive, Hopefully this system will not be much expensive.

An essential accessory for smart home. I hope the facial recognition software is as good as it is supposed to be. May they can integrate AI into it to make it more intuitive...

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This is really an unique lock that could be controlled from almost any locations even behind the Boss :grinning:
How much the Locking System costs?

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Wow great lock 🔒 great effort dear @tony-duke you share a useful and aggressive product Today i really appreciate it. Face detection locks is very secure 🔐 lock for homes and office doors. We can easily control with 📱 phone devices and use face as a key.

Our product line covers WI-FI video doorbell, alarm system, high-end wireless electronic doorbell and smart door lock, etc. Except for these products, we will also create a complete range of smart home ecosystem solutions for our customers.

Really very cool hunt . And now this US;E smart lock with advanced technology with wireless doorbell has reduced our security tension. Actually face recognising apps making our life more easy and full of security. Its strong sensor make it more effective. Its one feature impressed me alot that In the absence of ourself we can monitor door with remote or video call.
Totally amazing hunt.

My God now we can open doors with just our face. technology is so amazing. No doubt our Smart Home needs the best smart lock for home security to protect our house and US:E face recognition smart door lock is a solid solution in addition it's installation is also easy. Awesome Search

Awesome hunt! This is a better solution than the security alarm systems with a four digit code that can be seen by someone and again you are not secure. This is an excellent solution. How much does it costs and how many faces can be registered on one device, or there is no limit?

This is an impressive lock which we can open through face recognition technology. Now no need to carry key and we can open the lock Just by looking at it. Security is very important and this one makes the house more secure. Liked this Hunt.

Great Hunt! This is a great door lock for home security that giving you multiple features to unlock your door either with face or fingerprint. i think the face lock will only work at day time because of the light issue so at night we can easily use fingerprint feature instead of face nice one

Wow that looks Awesome and a new era of Modern Technology. This will help us from theft because of Face Recognition and thumb scan. That can be controlled from an app. So whenever any one came to your door and ringing the bell you can open the door through an app that installed in your Mobile, So thumbs up
Nice and Cool Hunt Dear
Thanks for Sharing

I love home security because of protection of lives and properties. This is another high-tech mode of home security that should be adopted. But wait, what if the owner has an accident and the face reconstructed due to cosmetics surgery? Is that the end of the house?

Security is our first priority and traditional security locks are not so smart but this one is such a great invention in door lock. Door access through face recognition is great and its quite convenient too. Such a wonderful Hunt.

depending on the cleared image taken when you are trying to enter what if its night :p it wouldn't be able to recognize what if light is gone ? Many questions arrives but yeah its helps alot prpviding comfortable and good securable lock .

impressive hunt friend keep on hunting 😊upvoted

Amazing invention.
It is a smart door lock and it will automatically unlock the door when the sensors in the door recognize you.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Haha lets just invite the pizza man in, jokes aside I would still prefer to open the door myself rather than it being done via smartphone, but of course this makes alot more sense if it's your friend at the door you can just let them in by pressing the lazy button lol, anyway this can be incredibly useful for those who forget to take their housekeys with them, instead your face is the key to home.

US:E is an advance step towards the security. A reliable system that scan your face to open the door. Thanks for sharing that impressive hunt with us.

I have seen lock that can be unlocked by putting code or finger print but this lock is modern that can unlock by face recognition and also it has the fingerprint scanner. It can make your home more secure. good hunt

ok that's pretty smart and moreover a nice way to implement the tech in doors . Liked it and it sure increases some additional securities as well. Seems like it would make some nice improvements in daily life of those in need, in terms of heavy locks !!

This one is new home lock system which offers heavy security to your home doors. So dont worried about the copy keys and passwors crashing. camera that helps scan your face to unlock.

The US:E lock can be controlled with your phone also, so when the pizza man is at your door, the camera scans and sends you an image of who is at your door, and you can simply press open.

This is amazing.

Unlocking door using face recognition is awesome and unique. You can only enroll the face you want to unlock if you wish.

Thanks for sharing such hunt

Everything truly is becoming very smart. This truly would boost security to a greater extent


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