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Lucky Orange

Real-time Website Tracking



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Hunter's comment

This is an amazing tool for site owners. With this you can monitor the activities of those visiting your website.
It comes with a free trial after which if you like the service, you can subscribe to it.

This can also aid you in your customer care service. You can play back to see what they did on your site and then meet up with what they are doing and ask them to chat and Co browse with you, so you can see the problem.
It also gives you a real time visitor mapping so you can track your traffic and where they are coming from.



Hunter: @tony-duke

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I have approved it :)

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this is a good hunt for sure owners. it's pretty cool to be able to track all activities on your site.

Looks like some tool to keep tabs on people who visit your site. I hope this won't pass as trailing. On the whole it's okay for analytics. Great hunt.

great features and benefits of this product are:

  • an amazing tool for site owners.
  • You can monitor the activities of those who visit your website.
  • Come up with a free trial after that if you like service.
  • You can subscribe to that.

this is a really great tool. going to be useful for site owners, very good for analysis and tracking traffic

great hunt mate

Amazing way to track the activities of your website. Good hunt overall.


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