WILDERWHEELS PACKSCOOTER - Lightweight Vehicles Which Transform Into Outdoors Tools

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Lightweight Vehicles Which Transform Into Outdoors Tools



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Here is a super cool hiking scooter it has a capable to transform as an outdoor tool to provide your needs.

Meet the WILDERWHEELS PACKSCOOTER a simple design of an scooter but many uses if you so much tired to your stuffs you can use this as a trolley and if you are a nature photographer you can use this as a tripod and if you have an inflatable kayak you can use this as a paddle and if you want to sit you can use this as a chair or table a super mindblowing scooter.

Light Field Features:

Variable deck heights
Modular components
Interchangeable wheels
Disc and or friction brakes




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This is a special scooter. I've never seen a transformative scooter capable of so many different functions.

So nice so cool Vehicles. Lightweight along with so many cool features. Really appreciate what i am seeing right now like you can convert this Vehicles into so many things. Indeed best every scooter i have seen so far. In short with one thing you can take many advantages and i hope its durability is lond lasting as well as i can see it would be

The transformation feature is an excellent one. I was getting bored with electric scooters etc. They were innovative, but there were many other innovative products with similar features too. WILDERWHEELS bring something new to the table. You are getting a higher ROI for the money you spend. You also save yourself from having carry multiple tools. Great Hunt! Resteemed.

It's really awesome and makes me wonder hat how beautifully it turned into various useful outdoor tools. Dynamics gadgets always caught the attention of everyone. The best thing I liked is we can convert this hiking scooter into chair to sit.

Nice Hunting!

A special scooter for childrens which offers teally amazing features. This transformative scooter capable to do different actions that childs like most.

Really Awesome hunt, A lightwieght vechicle that converts itself to useful tools for You like trolly, chair etc.
I think Creators are the Fan of Transformers Movie and get idea from there HEHE.

Top notch creativity and outside the box invention. Who wouldn't love to be able to use his/her ride an an outdoor tool! Cool hunt

hmmm, hiking scooter this looks so and sound like very interesting. It has awesome features with a lightweight system. People do love to try it out. Simply a great product.

This is serious design innovation. The impact on hikers, travels by getting so much out of one tool is going to be immense. This is actually an awesome hunt!

Awesome One!
It is a master piece and going to be very helpful in outing specially Jungle outing/Wild Tour as it has most of the needed tools available. It is foldable and portable too.
Thank You and Have a GooD dAY!

Wilderwheels packscooter is simply amazing. It serves a lot of purpose like scooter, tripod, trolley, various type of tools, chairs etc. Amazed to see how one product offer so many features. I would love to purchase this. what is the price of Wilderwheels packscooter?

Looks cool @toffer. I recently traveled to Riga and used some of the public electric scooters that are around the town. It made me want to get one of my own. This looks cool Thnks for sharing and have a great day

Super cool scooter to have fun while hiking. Light weight and beauty look out foor drive provide the class that you need.

Very nice design of this cute cycle, the multi purpose makes it so attractive and classic. Hopefully people like this and would know more about it as compare to another vehicles. Nice found.

Perfect Scooter for all with lots of cool features like you can use this scooter for different purposes i.e tripod for capturing the beautiful scenery and as a trolly for carrying heavy stuff and much more this is really a nice scooter that everyone will love it

Innovative and design structure is awesome. And perfect scooter to get short rides. This is actually an awesome hunt!

Great and innovative find. This scooter looks so beautiful. You can going for your jungle adventure and you need some tool this scooter very easily convert in the tool. Thats amazing you can use this tool and again convert into electric scooter.

It sounds great, a lightweight scooter can be transformed into useful tools, And we get the product soon that can transform by only a push button. The technology blows our minds day by day

verified! cheers.

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This is fantastic scooter that has transformation capabilities. I never heard or seen any scooter like this before and this one is great product

WoW looks pretty lightweight & useful Scooter & i think it's so handy scooter for those in need of extra tools whilst on the move. Excellent Search

I like the way this transforms into multiple tools. Lightweight and portable is also great.

This is a insane tool, I have seen another tool very similar to this one but that one didn't have the capability of also being a type of transport, the WILDERWHEELS PACKSCOOTER can be so many things but what i will say is I find it disappointing that they didn't add an a axe, but they could still easily add this as a feature.

I have never seen something like this before that can change form for different purpose. Maybe I should call it chameleon. This is amazing. Nice hunt

This is such an amazing innovation! It's like all in one solution for life. I would love to know the price of this.
Nice find!

It 's amazing vehicle through which we can do many outdoor works. It's a great invention which can fullfil our needs.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Wow this scooter is very unique and stylish. Hope this are well modified with more facilities. People choice this very easily. Thanks for share.

I call this a magical scooter. It can be transformed into a paddle or tripod for capturing good photos. It's lightweight and has so Many amazing features that makes it standout. Cool

ohh my gosh this is an Ultimate tool for outdoor especially when you are going on tour with friends or family just imagine you can even run a boat from it and can do much more things and at the same time you can enjoy scooter :)

This is multi-purpose transformation scooter and its great to know it's transformation capabilities. I see something like this for the first time.

So many things in one it's great engineer design! 👍

Wow this light weight mutlti-dimensional shapeshifting scooter. It will be a pleasure to own this. Great find @toffer

Very nice hunt


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