Venturi Antartica - World's First Electric Snowcat

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Venturi Antartica

World's First Electric Snowcat


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Here is a truly amazing and cool vehicle that can simply ride across the Antartic or perfect ride for seriously cold weather and places the icy road has no match in this vehicle.

Meet the Venturi Antartica made by the company called Venturi it's building all-electric cars 100% electric. This vehicle is like no other the users can do ride to most dangerous roads in the world, extreme weather, landslide even at the no safety barriers roads. The people can search without so much polluted thanks to 100% electric features.


Range of approximately 50 km
2x60kW battery packs
Speed of 25 km/h


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This would come very useful during winter.

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This snowcat is really awesome for all terrains, it can be used for work or play. great hunt


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