TORU - Autonomous Robot For Picking Specific Items

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Autonomous Robot For Picking Specific Items



Hunter's comment

Due to e-commerce growth worldwide warehouse company needs an alternative workers and robot is one of the best solution for that job to work so many hours.


Meet the TORU an autonomous warehouse robot with 2D and 3D cameras this robot is able to perform the picking and stowing process. When picking an order, the robot navigate to the shelf, picks the order item, puts it in his on-board storage.

Technical data

Base area (LxW): 1375 mm x 685 mm
Curb weight: 235 kg
Max. navigation speed: 1.5 m/s
Battery run time: max. 8 hours
Operating time: max. 18 hours per day
Object height: 80 mm – 145 mm
Max. object weight: 5.8 kg




Hunter: @toffer

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Seems to me to be very interesting for the shoe trade. The big advantage of this system is that the number of robots used can grow with the turnover. This always has great advantages if you don't have to invest the full 100% right away. Also, you can only equip partial areas with robots and then expand further. How the software processes the orders in order to achieve optimum throughput also plays a major role here.
The Toru system makes a good impression on me. Many thanks for the hunt.

Thanks @depot69 for visiting my hunt today. I really appreciate your precious time.

After seeing such product, one gets the feeling of getting in the real digital world. Technology has definitely changed and improved our lives to great extent. I loved this hunt. Great work @toffer.

Thanks @ugetfunded for the good feedback.

A helpful robot for small and medium scale store or to a warehouse/ distribution center. Highly effective, time saving and economical way to pick small boxes and move them to specific locations.
Nice hunt

Thanks @dinshatech for the good feedback.

This is pretty cool for companies to save a lot on cost for boring and repetitive tasks. We can increase productivity with robots of this kind and this only the beginning!


  1. Efficiently pock sp. items.
  2. Useful for production units.
  3. Speed looks great 1.5 m/h
  4. 8 hrs working



It is really a nice and an intelligent robot which is tuned on special picking of items. Good product and nice hunt.

Thanks @thedawn for the good feedback.

I have approved it :)

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Thanks @monajam for verifying my hunt today.

Future Logistics System? I think it is a system that can maximize efficiency in a large warehouse. In the future, the need for manpower decreases. It is a product that fits this flow.

Yes, you are right @backdm the Toru is perfect in a large warehouse. BTW thanks for visiting my hunt today.


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Amazing robot, looks very precise and efficient! Great hunt!