The 30° Ruler 2.0 - One Ruler To Rule Them All

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The 30° Ruler 2.0

One Ruler To Rule Them All



Hunter's comment

Here is a very useful ruler that every student, maker and for those people love to use a traditional ruler to get the right measure.

Introducing the The 30° Ruler 2.0 a ruler with an elegant design with 12-in-1 features including the non-slip feature one of the most important thing when you get a right measure, draw a line or other important measurement thing. This ruler starts from the zero with a big number so you easily to read the numbers.


Easy Reading
Start at Zero
Easy to Grab
3 Sizes Available
Safe for Cutting
Two in One
Scratch Proof
Laser Targeted
Anodized Aluminum


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hmmm, this solution might be grateful for using to design the things which are useful in company members are another person.

Awesome ONe!
it is the best Ruler and I am must say this will be very helpful for students or architect who work with small designs. Kids will love this...
Thank You and Have a Good dAY!

Sounds good that a ruler with many cool features that every student will love it, However, a ruler is used almost in every field for drawing lines, measurement etc and especially math student will love it to have this one because of so many interesting features nice find

WoW pretty cool laser engraved, aerospace aluminum ruler that is designed / set at a practical 30° angle. I think it is specifically designed for designers but looks suitable for everyone. Nice Hunt

It's kind of funny that all the little annoying things about rulers can actually be fixed I guess it's not something people really thought about but heck these smart people have made regular rulers feel so out of date, wish I had a ruler like this back in the day I could of one with the "starting at zero" and the "easy to grab" feature.


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perfect Measurements are pretty much necessary in order to get good results so this ruler will surely rule the world of kids

One ruler for all your measurements, you don't have to have cOuntless rulers and it has cool features, easy to grab, no scratch and very durable. Thanks hunter

What is this hunt? Non slip, big numbers. What technical marvel is this ? What am i missing?

I am a designer and I do cut and stitch of clothing for various measurement so this can be a good product for me. This one would be sufficient for all my measurement needs. Thanks for sharing @toffer

Draftsmen, designers are artists are especially gonna love it. No need to have a bulk of different scales and rulers if you can have this single ruler.
Nice Hunt

Coool. It's my must have :P I have already broken too many ruler :D

Simply clear and easy to use! 👍


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