Standup Varibike - Gives You a Full Body Workout

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Standup Varibike

Gives You a Full Body Workout



Hunter's comment

Price: EUR 1299

Introducing the Standup Varibike it can trains your whole body a bike inspired by three sports Ski Running, Standup Paddling and Rolling Sports. Allow five different drive style to inspire you and exercise your whole body.

The Standup Varibike is a foldable frame you can easily fold it and store into your car booth. Wherever you want to go exercise every part of your body from your hands to the soles of your feet.


The Standup Varibike is also ideal form of transport for urban areas you can take it on the bus and on the train and it is easy to carry. Thanks to 4 speed gear up you can ride slowly or switch to a high gear and ride fast.




Hunter: @toffer

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Thanks @teamhumble for verifying my hunt today.


as always it's easy to pass your hunts when they are so damn cool! -- great continued work on the platform, your one of the best we have! :)

Nice hunt @toffer. Its quite funny and i dont think i will ever do this workout, and its also expensive in my opinion. Still a cool design. Good one.

You must be very fit to even consider using this bike lol, as fun as it may look, I don't think most of us would hack it :D Very nice though, great way to get some exercise going too. xo

Niceeee, this is what I was looking for to improve my "La Macarena" dance step.


Hahaha.. this is so funny @jonsnow1983 I think everyone loves "Macarena" dance.


Great Hunt!


Unique and cool "bike". Despite the workout effect and stuff I really think it is way overpriced.

Besides that I'm not quite sure about the handling to be honest since your hands are moving all the time to keep it running. (I don't know obviously I need to try it to be sure but still a concern).

Keep on the good work!

How awesome is that? I need one! This looks like tons of fun and you will workout as an extra! And you can adjust to whatever you want! Pretty cool! A little expensive, but other than that!

Great Hunt, keep it up and enjoy the day @toffer

I think this bike is so good. but the ride is some critical. But it's my choice. So nice.

I really like this workout bike cause it looks like that it will target the great majority of muscle groups instead of just a cardio workout and i think it will surely help users to build some muscles and lose weight while enjoying the ride. Thanks for telling us about this useful product. Stay blessed


You're welcome @adnanrabbani thanks for the wonderful feedback. I appreciate a lot.

Great hunt! Idea is interesting item. Especially when you commute to work. It might be useful for workers who don't have time to exercise. I'd like to try it. I wish I could build a wonderful body with this. Thank you for sharing.

This is something that you don't see everyday. Very cool idea. And having the hands included in the activities is very important. I can tell this from my personal experience, having to walk to work, but lacking in the exercise in the upper body.

This is exciting workout. Aside from you can exercise your whole body by using this, you can also travel. I loke the idea that it can fold so you can bring this anywhere :)


Yeah! me too I really like the idea of foldable features.

Cool! A standup bike to do some workout easily. This will ease the stress of walking or jugging to do our workout. I love the design! It looks sleek!

Hello @toffer excellent Hunt you created as usual.

"Standup Varibike"

That's really awesome for workout and due to which exercised whole body. I am a sportsman & sports lover and always keen for fitness. After learning and seeing whole video that product is really useful and i think there should be no compromise on fitness. I am thankful to you for introducing and sharing such amazing Hunt. So keep Hunting.


Thank you too @rabeel for the wonderful comment review.

It is never too late to exercise, and if you can do it in a fun way you will never get bored, now you can get fit with varibike and the best thing is that you exercise your whole body, you can also fold it and transfer it without any problem, great hunting.


Yes, that is right @carlos3332018 ever new opportunities isn't never to late to try. :)

Wow.. a different way to ride a bike.. this bike can help the rider to work out his arms.. It is like you are running while you are riding a bike..

Standup Varibike looks like a great way to have full-body workout. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

What a great idea, instead of using the feet, it is better to use your hands, although I do not know if it will really be comfortable to use your hands since you have to do a lot of strength with your hands, the good thing is that you will exercise with your arms, excellent hunter , I voted for you, regards ...

Hi @ toffer, great product and hunting.
A transport vehicle, entertainment and exercise - all in one.
Looks nice, there are places for a safe ride in the center position,
is not difficult, easy to carry, has 4 speeds - all in place.
Quickly foldable, so convenience is on its peak.
Really good product.


Thanks @crypto-mammoth for your always great review. I really appreciate.

I like this bike a lot... It is very useful for people who are active and want to loose wight :) Great hunt!


Yes, you are right @elihs thanks for your wonderful feedback.

This bike surely proof what it’s made to do. It is a good way to exercise around the neighborhood

Cool hunt

I like this one bcoz it like just like a mini gym centre at your disposal . it can amuse as well as serve as work up tool.

Oh wow! This is a definitely cool hunt @toffer. What I love about it the most is its ability to use our hands as the mechanical revolver. I never seen anyone like that. Indeed, it is a more convenient bike to use.


Thanks @jassennessaj for your feedback.

Hello @toffer :)

Here is my review about Standup Varibike


  • It is a superb bike that provides smoothly full body workout
  • Provides up to 5 different riding style to build the stamina
  • One can easily fold it and can carry it wherever he/she wants to take it
  • 4 speed gear up enables one to move as per the desired speed
  • Price seems quite reasonable


  • Did not find any for it

Overall an outstanding hunt :)


Thanks @salmanbukhari54 for the great comment review.

Pros and Cons
-Perfect training tools for your hand
-Very environmental friendly travelling tool

Can't go too far

Most lovable Standup Varibike

Excellent product, it gives you a complete physical workout, it's a great idea, it is a very useful utility for everyone.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

I love doing sports and cycling. We all have to do for a healthy life, and besides just bike riding, my body and other places work and it's great. AMAZING HUNT :)

This bike is versatile transportation. It also gives you a full body work. Great and cool!

Very innovative use for a multipurpose bike as this. Really great for working out the body. In the case of the stand-up paddling design, I keep wondering how easy it would be to keep the control of the front wheel.

It's use is kinda limited to paved roads without much inclination perhaps.

is a concept quite innovative, I find it very practical and fun also that we can exercise the whole body, in a fun way, is a great hunt, thank you for buying friend, is a great product for exercise lovers.

Looks like tons o' fun! I like the color patterns offered and the folding for storage aspect of it! Nice one!

Ideal if you would like to get some exercise outdoors. Just looks a little odd. Interesting hunt!

We can workout by using standup varibike. There are 3 variations, So we don't get bored. It is also easy to bring.

Great hunt, brother!

Nice hunt!!

  • Using varibike you get to exercise your whole body.
  • It has varying or different drive styles to choose from.
  • Its foldable making it easily transportable.


  • None for this hunt.

It looks like a funny and enjoyabe to work out by Standup Varibike. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

Great Hunt @toffer. I really like this. I want to ride this for enjoyment. Thank you for sharing this great hunt.

I never seen this type of unique Varibike before .using Varibike our body will be in exercise position and using this no need of gem for body maintenance .This is a cool product & i like it.

what a great device perfect to go for a walk, exercise or even to go on the way to work and the most important thing is that it helps the environment by not using toxic elements such as gasoline or something else great hunt

Great hunt

So this bike let's you travel from one place to other and also let's you exercise while you travel .

best of luck

This is very fun but you still do a ton of work on your body. Def in need of something like that:)

This is one of the great sport kits that i have seen here.
Standup Varibike is awesome and can easily help to build one entire body to be fit.

Waoo great hunt I like Standup Varibike .This is a very unique bike and give us a full body workout .Driving Varibike our whole body will be in exercise position and this is a good for health.

Excellent hunt


Full body exercises we get
On using this we get your body fit

Good design


Excellent hunt

We get full body exercise on using this

Very innovative

Good design



It's a great product that encourages you to take it right away and start doing sports, but I'm not sure I'll look as cool as the ones in the picture. Maybe I should start with a normal bike first :D

Very cool product... That is exactly what I need to give the body full movement....I love it! Although the price is a bit expensive , but perhaps worth it.

cool concept and great way to train your arms and shoulders.


Yes, the varibike give us choice to train our arms into the sole.


Steemit - thankyou U5dtq1a8QL4tDnQqpXQ7CXBYXRz46tm.gif

Waoo great hunt I like Standup Varibike .This is a very unique bike and give us a full body workout .Driving Varibike our whole body will be in exercise position and this is a good for health.

Standup Varibike gives you a full body workout. WOW. Man this is too good to be true. The core purpose of any technology is to ease up human life. I think Standup Varibike is a perfect use of technology for humans who are busy in their lives. This really gives whole lot new meanings to workout...I mean it's amazing feeling to workout on the go. Excellent hunt @toffer.

i mean you would look like a PLUM doing it, but it's still cool ;)


Plum like a fruit or a Plumber? lol!

Standup Varibike seems perfect tool for outdoor exercise. I'm a big fan of cycling and this one seems perfect for my workouts. I would like to get one to end this year with a a workout routine.


Sounds good @steemit.lover2 I hope you really get this varibike by the end of the year and have fun.

Workout and travel together. Awesome hunt


Yeah! you are right thanks for your feedback @wta-cryptofx

I think with this people get in shape quickly.
You burn calories like in hell with this product.
I'm a bit uncoordinated, I think I'd fall to the asphalt if I'm Paddling


I really laugh about "You burn calories like in hell with this product" haha. Thanks for your wonderful feedback.

I love the various workouts this varbike could give you while having fun.

A very cool scooty in which one can move his / her hands too and also that is looking very reliable according to holding point of view.

Amazing features specially this one:
The Standup Varibike is a foldable frame you can easily fold it and store into your car booth. Wherever you want to go exercise every part of your body from your hands to the soles of your feet.
I love Technology and you shared a great technology. Keep hunting!

Standup Varibike: Gives You a Full Body Workout. This is really cool stuff. Indeed technology is going good. And this platform is also giving us already a great atmosphere where we can find amazing stuff from around the world. Thanks for sharing a great hunt. Keep it up

Good workout I bet going up hills are killer hard

excellent and fun way to exercise. GREAT HUNT, I want a

Great hunting.
This bike is for all purposes.
You can enjoy driving or exercising on a bicycle.
The bike looks solid, which is especially important for exercising.
In any case, it is better to practice outside, in the air than in the gym.
And more interesting is to look around outside, than to look the walls of the gym room.

Wow great hunt you got there. I want to have this one

Hello @toffer,this post is unique,I mean full body massager awesome machine and relaxed also.I can get massage anytime without asking for anybodies help,nice work.

Wow that was cool😊

i would like to have this bike to go to the gym. well post.

Cool idea and product. However, 1300 euro? I think it's overpriced.


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Good!! It is a good way to exercise around the neighborhood..

I can turn it by hand, and this idea is a big welcome. Precision is amazing.