PFx Brick - Brings Light, Sound, and Movement to Your LEGO Creations

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PFx Brick

Brings Light, Sound, and Movement to Your LEGO Creations


PFX Brick.mp4

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Price: $99.95

Here is a very cool tools that can bring lights and sounds to your LEGO with combination of creativity of building with the excitement of motion this experience can be taken to another level.


Meet the PFx Brick is designed to seamlessly replace LEGO PF IR receivers, it responds to LEGO PF IR remote, but it can also complex light & sound effects to your creations. It has two pin holes on either side, a power input on the bottom, LED's connector on front and speaker connector.


LEGO Power Functions Compatible
Advanced Multi-Channel Lightning FX
Digital Audio Sound FX Processor
USB 2.0 Connectivity
Firmware Upgrades
USB Interface API
Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy



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Artificial Intelligence is a great addition in technology. We have great inventions in hand now a days only because of this amazing technology. This hunt is my favorite one today because it is designed beautifully and its output is amazing:

PFx Brick - Brings Light, Sound, and Movement to Your LEGO Creations.

Very interesting stuff for kids. Nice search Mr @toffer

I like how "Lego" the PFx brick is and that the light wires are very minimal allowing you more options. I just wish the lighting board was also more "Lego" and not just a circuit board sticking off the end of the PFx brick. this is also going to be so nice with the updated blue tooth features. Nice hunt.

Hi @toffer,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

It's really nice and nice design, great idea to make kids toys more attractive. It's pretty nicely able to create new conditions and sounds through a combination of one more. GREAT HUNT

It looks and sounds great! Another dimension of Lego. Maybe I would make the whole SD70ACe longer. Especially the middle part. Maybe I would add at least 2 stud more in length in the middle part. But great work!

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I had one very similar to this one when I was a kid: image.png

Would be amazing if by then I had this toolkit, =)

Nice 👍 :)

Great summary of some awesome LEGO creations and creators. Thanks so much for the shout out!


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Great presentation of this product. The biggest plus here is the light and sound module, much more realistically you can give models of trucks / machines built.
This tech makes me want to play with my legos again..