Nio EVE - Self-Driving Electric Car

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Self-Driving Electric Car



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Electric car it's become more, more reality in 2020 the Nio EVE start kicking into our road this electric car have a futuristic sporty family van vehicle designed. The company change the way we are experiencing daily car rides the Eve is a spacious 5 seat electric vehicle that could categorized as a minivan.


The Nio EVE it has wide sliding doors that provide access to a lounge like cabin then reminds you it's look like of the private jet. Do not expect to find the steering wheel or perils inside those will only reveal themselves from the dashboard if the car needs to hand over control. You will be able to relax which some TV, browse the internet or do anything you want.




Hunter: @toffer

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Thanks @teamhumble for verifying my hunt today.


you are extremely welcome. have a great day.

I love this electrical acars and self driving sounds really amazing its like tesla but better design :)

Great hunt @toffer!

Those new cars that come out these days are getting cooler and cooler.

Niiice @toffer! I can’t wait until the day I can sit back and cruise around in one of these without any worries about paying attention to the road. Very sleek design too!

Wow, Toffer you are a great hunter, I love your hunts. I am unable to stop my finger to hit on the like buttons, But what I do if do this you know there circle voting. So, Don't mind Keep hunting bro. This is the very cool car.


Thanks brother @tornad, you too keep on hunting cool products :)

Everyday when I check the top hunts here I find amazing products / ideas etc. But today I am so happy to see Nio EVE in top 10. This is one of the best hunt of today's hunts. And from my side this is hunt of the day. Great work, keep it up @toffer!

Self-Driving Electric Car, what a great Hunt this is.

I think this hunt must be placed in top 3. I am a big fan of technology and this hunt is really extreme level of technology. Please keep sharing @toffer and always stay blessed!

Wow! this is very amazing the world is becoming so interesting with Electric car. I so much love this car.
this is amazing hunt I wish we have something like this car in my country in (Nigeria)

@toffer you always bring us good Hunt👏. Keep it up with good Hunts 💞💞

The exterior and interior design of the car is very impressive. In the future, I think that all the tools will come to a state that can go on their own. This will greatly reduce traffic accidents.AMAZING HUNT :)

Oh, my God, this electric vehicle is very beautiful, it looks futuristic, it's fantastic.

This car has a great design. I especially loved the rim design. It's a nice feature that your paper slides forward. It is an electric and nature sensitive product. I do not know the brand very well, but I hope they will produce good results.

Hi @ toffer, fantastic hunt.
The inside of this the car is truly reminiscent of the interior of the aircraft.
Cars without drivers are the future and this car looks like it has come from the future.
Nio Eve has enough room for the entire family (5 people), which is a huge improvement in the performance of an electric car.
There is nothing to say but a perfect car.

Finally a hunt I really need, even I cannot buy it now. Lol. It is a great development about cars and I like its style. Great hunt @toffer

Great Hunt @toffer. It looks is beautiful. The speed of this awesome CAR is very fast. You are good hunter @toffer. I wait for your next great hunt.

This is a lovable hunt. Its is a beautiful and modern car. it's looks great car. Awesome hunt! best of luck

Wow,@toffer, you are a great hunter, It is so amazing car and has a cool design. thanks for sharing.

It’s actually good to see this kind of product. You’ve always been amazing with great hunts. Glad you shared this

Cool ride, and i don't need to learn to drive, basically my own personal transport, care free and arrive destination, thank you very much for your hunt~

I never heard of Nio but they have built an amazing car. Its design is really good and unique. Sliding doors makes it cool. I hope the distance to drive on electricity is far enough.

This is super awesome hunt @toffer! No need to get your personal driver anymore, it's the car that will drive it's own way! :)

Excellent product this electric car seems to me and incredible, it will surely be one of the best cars of 2020 I congratulate you for this great Hunting, AMAZING this car fits your comfort

The design alone is futuristic let alone the functions. The world is advancing by the day and electric cars are just the tip of the iceberg

An electric car that can drive it self will be so amazing to have. That means I can actually be going through my books while heading to school.

Wohoo! I've pictured myself in those cars when I saw James Bond's self-driving car a few years back. It's true when they say, dreams can come true. In this case, thanks to Nio Eve.

This car looks very elegant, and the best thing is that it has enough space to go for a walk with the family great hunting

Car design is certainly going to change in the next decade. Manufacturers need to totally rethink the concept of how a car is laid out.

I want self-driving cars to be more common. I am really sick of traffic. I would like to have one like this. Wonderful car, wonderful hunt @toffer

Perfect, I like its designation, looks like coming from the space. Good hunt @toffer

Unbelievable! This car represents the future of the movilitation. It design is very elegant and spacious. Definitly the future of the automobile industry.

Thanks for share this hunt!

WOw this car is something behind my imaginations. First look at the design of the car it,s similar to the 3d cars in the animations and interior of the car look so comfortable and relax. But the most amazing part of this car is that it is self-Driving Electric car. this is what called the future. This is the real future thanks for this amazing hunt my friend.

This car looks cool and futuristic. I have a good imagination of living in a car like this. Thanks for sharing good hunt

What a nice design! It looks like the car in the movie. I really like it and I want to drive. I think I can enjoy driving. Thank you for sharing

Cool, the car it has a beautiful design, thanks @toffer making a great hunt.

I'm also really thinking that, after some days we do not need a driver, all will run automatically. And the car is very smart style. I want to ride it.


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Good hunt!An ecofriendly electric car and self-driving is what everybody wants!Very good desing and with a lot of space.Keep good hunting!