LifeSaver Liberty - Worlds’ First Water Purifier Bottle With An Inline Pump

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LifeSaver Liberty

Worlds’ First Water Purifier Bottle With An Inline Pump



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Price: £89.99

Here is a water purification bottle that you can bring when you have a plan for hiking, camping or any outdoor activities just in case your water bring is not enough you get water at the river and purify using this.

Introducing the LifeSaver Liberty if you looking for a multi-use water purifier bottle this bottle is perfect to you because you can purify the water in two different ways after putting the water inside you can purify the water using the pump or you can put the hose directly into the water then use the inline pump and it can remove the virus and bacterias in 99.999%.


Easier accessibility to water
No need to get hands wet
Filter larger volumes in one go
Filters up to 2,000 litres
Filter Cartridge is replaceable
Ability to filter directly into additional containers


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Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-

This is a life saving product and I must say this is the best Purifier for On the Go... and the price is also reasonable.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Great hunt. For those who love camping and know where water bodies are around them, they can make full use of it.

Very nice product as it is always a big concern for people when they go out for hiking regarding the clean drinking water but even that get resolved with this.

Nice hunt.

This bottle is a must need for the travelers who used to go out every other day. Otherwise, the typical bottle has less water which doesn't fill the needs so where such bottles are quite helpful to fill the water and purify it.

Nice Hunting!

Another fantabulous hunt. The need of every traveller i guess. While traveling you could face some water issue. sometimes you could be in that area where you have the only river, waterfall choice so then this water purification bottle would help a lot

That would be an amazing solution for people who love to traveling around hiking or doing another activity. So in that situation, a quick and easy solution is better. This may help to get purifier water.

Awesome ONe!
The best option for outing plans like hiking, Wild travel, tour etc. And it is truly amazing as it doesn't required any kind of Electricity and BAd water can be cause of serious problem.
Thank You and Have a GooD dAY!

This is wonderful product that helps to keep ourself healthy because clean and purified water is essential. Its amust have product while travelling as its easy to carry too and price seem to bit higher but should ok looking at the benefits.

Water is life and indeed it's a life saver for a places where clean water is unavailable. furnished with pump and hose and making the river water potable makes it best choice for adventure and hiking activities. 2,000 liters filter capacity is a great number. My only concern is about its price it should be lower so the maximum may adopt it easily. Nice hunt

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I think everyone need this water purification bottle. Dirty water gives many bad effect on your health. You and your friends going outdoor adventure and pure water not available there. You can use this bottle and drink pure water. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice system. It's means we can now take pure water from this bottle when we are staying at outdoor. This is a very cool way to solve this problem. Cool hunt.

Water is basic necessity of life and its important to drink clean water. This purifier bottle is surely a great product which is very useful specially while travelling. Great find

It looks quite impressive water purification system for cleaning harmful contaminants from drinking water pretty cool and i really like it coz it has ability to clean upto 2k litres of water which is great on top of that the setting up of purifier looks so simple with quick connect settings & replaceable components anyone can operate this water purifier safely and effectively. Awesome find

This is incredible.
Amazing way to get water stored up and clean.
It's almost difficult to get clean water these days.


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This can be of special interest to people who like to travel off roads where clean water is difficult to find.
Great way to have a clean water supply for personal drinking.

Considering that this bottle has replaceble filter and can filter up to 2000 litres it really great Hunt and must have thing for people who have problems with clean water! 👍

Technologies never seize to amaze me. Gone are the days of a big tank to purify water.

Impressive hunt bro i like this also am thinking to buy it.Water Purifier Bottle this is very useful for us thanks for sharing.

This is a very good hunt. Imagine running out if water when you least expected,this water purifier will help kill any Germs and keep the water safe for drinking. Some rural areas can also use this for safety. It's really a life saver. Thanks for this amazing hunt


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