Food Wrap - Reusable Cling Wrap

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Food Wrap

Reusable Cling Wrap



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Are you looking for a food wrapper with a lot of features than your old and disposable wrapper? Today I want to present to you a usable food wrapper.

Introducing the Food Wrap it is not just an ordinary food wrapper it is microwave safe just wrap your food and put inside the oven or microwave, it was also capable to seal the water, it is stretchable so you can wrap the food no matter what the size of the food and it is washable so you can wash it after you use then dry it and use it again.


Made from 100% BPA free, FDA approved high grade silicone
100% plastic FREE packaging
Infinitely washable and reusable
Keeps your food fresh
Can be placed in the oven, microwave and stove top
Stain Resistant
uper strong and durable


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Amazed to see how you find such a cool products @toffer. Food Wrap is the requirement of every home. It not only keep your food fresh but also used in microwave, stretchability make it perfect to cover any size of food. Reuseable and even it is capable of sealing water. I would love to have Food wrap. What is the price of Food wrap?

Wow this is really great as many of us use material's like plastics or foil to cover food which aren't exactly great for the environment but these "Food Wraps" are easily reusable, stretch and are microwave safe, meaning you can use them for picking up hot dishes, seriously these have many uses.


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OMG! This is such a nice thing. I mean I need this now. I hate it when I have to search for the lid and could not find that. It's a problem solver. The best part is it's easy to wash and can use it anywhere.
Great find!

This is a really great product that can save you money in the long run and help make a cleaner enviroment. Great hunt


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