Dog Powered Scooter - Exercises You And Your Pup

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Dog Powered Scooter

Exercises You And Your Pup



Hunter's comment

Here is a really cool and amazing scooter powered by your best friend dog no gas, no electricity just your dog and you and an super eco-friendly scooter.


Meet the Dog Powered Scooter it's the most practical, safe and fun dog exercise rig ever. The scooters are very stable and easy to ride on and the dog stabilizes it even further by acting as a third wheel you can even to a dog walk and still get a mind. There's no downward weight on the dog you have precision steering in front and braking control over the dog.


Excellent stability
There is no long lines to get tangled up
There is virtually no dog training
Its quite easy to see the FRONT
Clipin and out is quick and reliable



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This looks hilarious, so many things could go wrong here. I like the idea behind it, but oh man, I see a whole lot of problems happening

It's really funny when I see the dog run and the owner ride the scooter. Eco friendly features that doesn't need any electricity energy for ride. Got it, Two advantage in one device .....improve your healthy also your powerful dog 😂

Hahaha, this is so cool, I love it! we have a Boarder Collie thats full of energy and loves to run, this would be perfect for him to exercise as hes getting older and would love it! im sure once the dog learns how it works and the people, it would be great! Awesome hunt , upped!👍❤🙋🐶🐕

I really love the concept of having fun and exercise with your dog. This will definitely benefit both parties having out door fun together keeping fit at the same time.
I am a little skeptical though as knowing my dog things will go wrong and this looks like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe if the dog is very well trained it would work,but for the majority I can see disaster ahead. An interesting hunt though.

It is really amazing and eco friendly indeed but practically we need to ensure that there is no such stress upon the dog. However I have checked their website and from that what I could understand is that from the design part they have considered everything so as to make it easy for the dog either. At the same time the owner and the dog will have a lovely expetrience and full of fun. Nonetheless the dog will have good exercise as well.

Good hunt.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Wow, what a brilliant idea! I bet my dogs would love this!

Great hunt @toffer! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Nice activity with your pets

Such an amazing way to simple journey. But it is hurted to see you're pulling your vehicle by dog😣. I think it was the idea of pulling vehicle in ice with beers.

omg what the frig is this! If i saw someone riding by with this I would literally shit my pants.

I am astonished seeing this.. No I will not support this kind of fun. You know we need to have positive scene. Dog should not use for this vehicle.

That's amazing product. I like it so much. It's so amazing!


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