Cobra Road Scout - 2-In-1 Radar Detector and Dash Camera Driver Alert System

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Cobra Road Scout

2-In-1 Radar Detector and Dash Camera Driver Alert System



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Price: $449.95

Here is a high-ended dashcam with a combination of radar detector I think all detectors that you looking for on a dashcam are you can find here.

Introducing the Cobra Road Scout a brand new product this is going to be a detector that you're gonna see in the future on a lot of cars and a lot of winshields. I't a very facinating piece, it's an integrated detector and dashcam with 1080p resolution. You'll be able to record events and it has looped recording.


Accurate Radar Detection
Capture Unexpected Moments
Enhanced Night Vision
Temperature Protection
Continuous Loop Recording
iRadar App


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I really like this as an added extra for your vehicle. Not only is it a dash cam but it also alerts you to where the police are trapping. I normally pick up a few tickets every year so this in theory should save me some money.

In many countries in Europe the radar detectors are banned and you can get hefty fines (Germany, Austria...)

Hell yes a dash cam built in ....... a must in my book these days with all the absurdities that take place between road pirates and normal traveling folk. They have one and you'd better too just in case their footage turns up missing :)

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Hi, @urbangladiator it looks good to me all the images that I provided work very well.

Weird, it's still broken for me... but I'll take your word for it. Thanks!

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